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What Our Girls are Saying About Girl Scout Destinations

Did you know that Girl Scouts hosts awesome adventures every year for individual Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador girls? Through Destinations, girls can travel all over the globe as they expand their horizons, make new friends from across the country, and have a blast. From sailing tall ships in Cleveland to sea turtle retreats in Costa Rica, there’s sure to be something you’ll love! What are girls from our council saying about their Destination trips? Allison, Hollywood  ...

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Highest Awards: What Not To Do

Highest Awards are a Girl Scout tradition more than one hundred years strong. Since 1916, girls across the nation have been making a lasting difference in their communities with leadership and girl power. What an exceptional legacy our organization has! Help us keep the legacy alive for another 100 years by earning your age level’s highest award. Girl Scout’s highest awards—the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards—are your girl’s chance to make a lasting difference  ...

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Our Gold Shines Bright: Dhira’s Story

My name is Dhira, and I was honored to be one of this year’s Gold Award Girl Scouts in western Ohio. For my Gold Award project, I started an online privacy campaign. After Googling my sister for the fun of it, I found a website displaying her name, birthday, address, and phone number. Appalled by how much of our personal information is easily available online, I decided to address the issue of data brokers, or websites that sell personal information. I gave presentations at community  ...

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Alum Stories: Rebecca’s Beautiful Adventure in Girl Scouts

When I was in kindergarten, I remember my mom showing me a colorful flyer covered in flowers and dragging me to my church’s basement after dinner. It wasn’t for religious education, but rather to go to my first Daisy meeting. It was the start of a beautiful adventure in Girl Scouts that ran all through my academic career to the present day and my lifetime membership. My Girl Scout experience was full of badges, crafts, and programs at council headquarters. As an adult, I can  ...

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