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Simple Tips for Managing Group Behavior

You’ve heard that old saying, “it’s like herding cats.” Our hope is to keep that expression from describing your experience with your Girl Scout troop, so we have asked some experienced troop leaders and educators who work with youth every day for tips for managing group behavior. Adhere to a Troop Agreement Set clear expectations from the start to ensure all members (girls and adults!) are on the same page. A troop agreement is a compliment to the Girl Scout Promise & Law.  ...

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11 Favorite Camp Games

Camp season is coming, it’s practically here. And what’s the best part of camp? All the zany camp games, of course! We’ve put together a list of our outdoor program team’s favorite camp games for you to play with your Girl Scouts. Try one (or try them all) as you dream of warmer winds and sunnier days at summer camp. Elephant, Palm Tree, Giraffe The group starts in a circle with a player in the middle. The player in the middle points at someone in the circle and says  ...

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The Missing Link: Demystifying Girl Scout Journeys

When we talk Girl Scout National Program, we are referring to the many program elements that help to make up the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). These elements include the tradition of learning new skills through badge work, working to build leadership skills, and opportunities and make the world a better place by earning awards such as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards. Both of these long standing traditions are fairly well-known to the Girl Scout community and even the general  ...

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4 Awesome Ice Breaker Activities for High School Girls

It’s your first troop meeting or perhaps you’re running an event for Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts. You’ve got a group of teenage girls that may or may not know one another, and they’ve grown up in the age of digital communication, so verbal communication can be a tough sell. Icebreakers are only effective if you have willing participants and let’s be honest, teenagers don’t always fit that role. On top of the block in verbal communication skills, there are the social risks involved…  ...

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