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Making Connections With Parents and the Community

Case_G092In Girl Scouting, we want girls to be so engaged and excited about their girl-led activities, that they can’t wait to share their experiences with families and invite friends to join them in the excitement.  We want leaders to know what the girls enjoy because the leaders have asked the girls.  In addition, the leaders are excited to learn right along with the girls.  We also want community members that are excited to enhance the experiences of the girls and support girls to take action to make the world a better place.

By signing up as a Girl Scout leader, you’ve said that you are up for this challenge.  You have the opportunity to help connect girls with all the possibilities in their own community, both large and small.  Their communities include family, friends and the broader experts in their neighborhoods, cities, schools and more.

You may be asking, where do I start?

1. Start by reviewing the three Journeys available.  Let the girls choose the Journey that interests them the most.  Check out the council website for sample sessions for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Juniors that help leaders introduce the Journeys to girls.

2. Reach out to parents to gain support around a topic that they know a lot about.  Check out this friends and family letter from the It’s Your World-Change It Journey, Brownie Quest.  Most of the Journeys have family welcome letters like this but you can always create your own.

3. Conduct a brainstorming session about other members of their community that may be interested in or have experience in their topic.  With younger girls you’ll want to do some pre-work to help them during their brainstorming session.

4. The Journey adult guides also have great ideas on how to make community connections.