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10 Ways to Celebrate Girl Scout Week!

SPR2010_Friendship01Today marks the start of Girl Scout Week! Girl Scout Week starts with Girl Scout Sunday and always includes March 12th, which is the anniversary of Girl Scouting in the United States, marking the first Girl Scout troop meeting in Savannah, Georgia in 1912.  Here are some ways to get your girls in the Girl Scout spirit this week.  If your troop isn’t meeting, that’s okay. You can always use these ideas at any time.

  1. Wear your Girl Scout uniform, or a Girl Scout T-shirt, to school to show your Girl Scout pride.  Volunteers can join the fun too by wearing a Girl Scout pin or shirt to work or around the community.
  2. Learn a new Girl Scout song!
  3. Sign up for summer camp.  Click here to check out all of the awesome opportunities.
  4. Set a stretch goal for the Girl Scout Cookie Program.  Just think of the cool things you could do this year with extra funds.  You could even qualify for the troop bonus and attend a live concert.
  5. Take a hike.  If your troop is meeting this week, use this opportunity to get outside.  Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts, loved the outdoors.  Girls could begin earning their Naturalist legacy badge found in the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting.  Girl Scout Daisies could start the Clover Daisy petal.
  6. Invite a friend to your next Girl Scout meeting.
  7. Encourage your cookie customers to participate in the Gift of Caring program so they see how girls are committed to giving to others.
  8. Create a PSA about what you love about Girl Scouting.  Share it with friends and family.
  9. Bake the original Girl Scout Cookie recipe.  Click here and scroll to the bottom for the recipe.  The video at the top is pretty funny too!
  10. Have fun with your sister Girl Scouts!