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A World Wide Beauty Revolution Starts Here

Girls are bombarded every day with images of the ideal woman through magazines, ads, media and many other sources, creating an Image Myth with a very narrow definition of beauty. This is causing a world wide confidence epidemic among young girls and Girl Scouts is determined to help the next generation of women bust the Image Myth and help their vision of a world free from appearance-related anxiety become a reality. But, we can’t get there without help. Partnering with the World Association of Girl Guides (WAGGGS) and Dove, and drawing on more than a decade of research from world-renown psychologists and leading body image researchers, we are excited to offer Free Being Me, a five-session program resource for girls ages 7-10 and 11-14.  This curriculum is full of positive and affirming activities, such as interactive games, songs, art, acting and discussions with proven results to nurture body confidence and self-esteem and inspire long-term improved confidence in girls.

To help spread this inspiring message and instill confidence in our girls, we need leaders, parents and community partners to help us widen the reach of these materials. So, we ask you to visit the Free Being Me page on our website, download the activity packets for your age level and incorporate at least one hour of activities into your troop meetings. Help free girls from the narrow view of beauty that is promoted in our society and begin a global body confidence revolution built around these four key messages:

  1. There isn’t just one way to look beautiful.
  2. It’s what’s inside us that matters the most.
  3. Learning to value ourselves and our abilities builds confidence.
  4. It’s important to be yourself. We are all different, and that makes us special.

Volunteers can use the entire curriculum or just choose parts to do at meetings or events, including a Take Action challenge for girls to participate in by pledging to share their knowledge with others. To complete the program girls must complete one or more hours of activities, return the participation report to your regional Girl Scout Center shop, and pick up free patches for participating girls. For more information check out the Free Being Me resources on our website and download the Free Being Me resource pack or contact your community engagement manager.