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Five Tips to Make Bridging Memorable

Bridging has long been an important part of Girl Scouts’, as it marks the girls’ transition from one level to the next and celebrates their commitment to the organization. Here are some useful tips to helping your girls make their troop’s bridging a fun and memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Use Resources Provided: Each level of Girl Scouting has special bridging awards and activities (outlined in the appropriate age-level The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting) that can help girls’ decide how to mark this special day. One of the more popular methods is to hold a special bridging ceremony.


Add Props: Bridging ceremonies often use props like candles, flowers or flags (or a flag ceremony) and many include a bridge so that the act of crossing is a physical, as well as a symbolic, step into the future.  The bridge might be specially made for use in service unit or council ceremonies, or it might be a real bridge in a park or scenic area.

Go Outside: As they are generally held in late spring, outdoor ceremonies can be a wonderful way to include nature in this important day. Many of our council properties would make a lovely location for the ceremony or an overnight leading up to the ceremony. Just be sure to have a backup plan for bad weather.

Include Others: Many service units combine a camp weekend or an end-of-the-year picnic with bridging activities. Putnam County Girl Scouts has an annual family picnic and bridging ceremony for the county so that parents, grandparents and friends can join in the fun as girls celebrate the end of the school year and showcase for the attendees what their troop has accomplished. Through this fun event, girls have an opportunity to get to know the girls at the next level and from other schools, while volunteers and families can get a small taste of all the great things Girl Scouts are doing in their community. It is also a good way to include individually registered girl members who want the bridging experience with other girls.

Personalize It: Let the girls add songs, poems, stories or activities that they love. Check out Pinterest’s Girl Scout Ceremony pins for creative ideas for your ceremony that other troops have used. No matter what they plan, make sure the focus of the ceremony is to mark and honor the girls’ progression and growth as Girl Scouts.