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Helping Girls Find Their Spark!

Everyone needs a spark in their lives. What is a spark? According to the Thrive Foundation for Youth a spark is a passion or skill that we feel deeply and helps us grow. They come from deep within and are a source of joy and energy. A spark can be many things from an interest in music, to a passion for animals, a love of one’s country, or a deep seated desire to help others. Why are sparks important? Research shows that children who know and develop their spark-and have adults who help– have higher grades, empathy and social competence, and have a sense of purpose to name a few of the benefits.

Volunteers, parents, and friends can become Spark Champions by providing a wide variety of experiences for the youth in their lives to help them discover their spark and encouraging them to explore it further.  Working on badges and Journeys the girl-led way is a great method for finding and nurturing the sparks in your troop members. When adults give girls ownership of their troop activities and let them decide what interests them and what they want to do/learn about, it gives them the confidence to follow their interests and feeds that spark so that it can grow stronger and more deeply ingrained in their lives. When a child finds and follows their spark, it’s a wonderful thing to behold. Check out Jamila’s video to see how a Girl Scout found her spark and what she’s doing to share it with others and make it part of her future.

Now that you know what a spark is, think of the individual members of your troop. What are the sparks in your troop? What activities ignite that light of excitement in each girl’s eye? How can you help encourage that spark? Let’s make this year in Girl Scouts the year of SPARKS!