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Girl Scout Traditions: SWAPS

Is your group attending a large Girl Scout event this year? Make it even more fun and meaningful by creating SWAPS together. What is a SWAP you ask? The traditional definition is Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere. SWAPS are a long standing Girl Scout tradition and while no one is really sure when they became part of our history, girls through the decades have enjoyed exchanging them when they meet new people. Here is a great video from Girl Scouts of Atlanta on SWAPS.

And for some quick SWAPS etiquette, any SWAP worn on a girl’s head is generally considered a “keeper” and off limits for swapping. All other visible SWAPS are considered available and to refuse to exchange is poor Girl Scout manners. So if there’s a special SWAP your Girl Scout receives and does not wish to part with, place it on a hat, headband, bandana or out of sight entirely while making exchanges and make these informal rules clear to your troop members as well. Ready to get started? Check out the SWAPS below for some traditional Girl Scout SWAPS.

Camping SWAPS

 camping swaps

 Weather Forecaster SWAP

 SWAP banner 2

Need more inspiration or step by step crafting instructions? Search Pinterest and YouTube for great tutorials and instructions on Girl Scout SWAPS creation. Then start making and exchanging your own at your next Girl Scout event!