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Fall Program Events are Finally Opening!

Fall is nearly here and we’re kicking off another year of adventure and we want YOU to join us! Fall program events open on Ebiz to all members registered for the 2014-2015 membership year on August 13th and early bird registrants received access to fall events on August 6th. While there are too many programs at too many council properties to mention them all, here are 10 upcoming programs we’re excited to offer this year:

1. Toledo Chef Program: Daisies through Juniors can jump into the world of healthy cooking with volunteers from Toledo GROWs at the Toledo Girl Scout Center; with Daisy Snack Attack, Know Bake Brownies, and Top Chef Junior there’s something for every level. CSA’s can be volunteers at program events and show off their skills. Check the program event guide for dates and times as there are multiple sessions for each program event.

2. Daisy Nature Day: a special day for a Daisy and her favorite adult that’s all about the outdoors! Games, hikes, crafts, songs and snack pack this day of adventure. With events planned for Woodhaven Program Center (Lima) and Camp Libbey (Defiance) this fall, then at the Dayton Girl Scout Center, and Pearson Metropark (Oregon) in spring there are plenty of chances for your daisy to explore the outdoors. Choose your favorite or register for them all!

3. aMAZE! Journey Retreat: Cadettes join us for this fun filled weekend (11/7/14-11/9/14) at Camp Butterworth (Maineville) that explores the maze of friendship and discover how to create peace together while earning your Peacemaker and Interact Journey Awards. Seniors can look forward to a Sow What? Journey Weekend at Camp Libbey in February.

4. Father/Daughter Adventure Day: an old favorite with new locations. Girls of all ages can join the fun as they explore the woods, create nature projects, hone your slingshot skills and more with your favorite male role model. We have a fall event at Camp Whip Poor Will (Morrow) in October and a spring session at Camp Libbey in April.

5. Rockets at the Museum: Brownies through Ambassadors can try their hand at building and launching their own rocket with the staff at Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta. With 2 events (11/8/14) scheduled we know your troop will have a blast.

6. Putting the “M” in STEM: Juniors join the Dayton staff as they focus on fun and exciting ways to use math to create things and solve problems. Need more STEM? Set your calendar for our November open date and sign up for Creative ContraptionsMake It Green, Math Puzzler, or Toledo’s Design It, Build It-Go STEM events.

7. View 360: CSA girls in the Finneytown area can earn their Girl Scout Community Service bar and learn about living with disabilities as they assist the Miracle Bowling League through this 6 session program series. The first training is in September and the league begins in October. If you miss out, sign up for their winter series beginning with a January training.

8. From Zen to Zumba: Seniors and Ambassadors will explore healthy living and stress release through Latin Zumba, yoga and meditation, as well as making delicious and healthy snacks and beverages at the Toledo Girl Scout Center (12/6/14). Stay tuned for more life skills events in 2015 on Woodworking and Carpentry.

9.  Robots, Robots, Robots: Juniors through Ambassadors can try their hand at building, programming and running a LEGO robot. Events are scheduled in all four regions throughout the year. If you miss one, register for the next!

10. Eco-Overnight: Juniors join us at Camp Libbey (10/18/14-10/19/14) for an amazing adventure out in the wilds of camp stalking critters, going color crazy, and creating the ultimate spider web. If you miss out on this overnight don’t despair, we have two more coming up at Woodhaven Program Center in February and at Camp Libbey again in April.

These are just a small taste of the many wonderful and sometimes wacky program events that are available this year. Further information about all of the program events we offer can be found in the Program Event Guide available at fall Kick-Off events and at fall Service Unit meetings. Start the fun, register for fall events now! Then don’t forget to mark your calendar for November 19th, 2014 when registration opens for winter and spring program events.