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Girl Scout Traditions: Juliette Gordon Low Birthday

Every year kids celebrate October 31st with candy, costumes, and pumpkins. Why not add some Girl Scout fun to your day in honor of our founder Juliette Gordon Low‘s birthday? A true visionary, Juliette brought girls of all backgrounds into the out-of-doors, encouraged them to prepare not only for traditional homemaking, but also for possible future roles as professional women—in the arts, sciences and business—and for active citizenship outside the home. Over 100 years later her vision has grown from the original 18 girls to 3.7 million today, with more than 59 million girls, women and men who have belonged to Girl Scouts over the years.

Juliette started a movement that changed the world and that is the legacy we celebrate on her birthday. Not sure how to celebrate? Here are some great ideas to get you started!

1. Stand on your head! We’re not kidding. One of Juliette’s special skills was standing on her head. She stood on her head every year on her birthday to prove she still could do it, and also celebrated nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays by standing on her head. Once, she even stood on her head in the board room at National Headquarters to show off the new Girl Scout shoes.

Juliette's Pearls SWAP2.Check out these birthday celebration ideas from Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. They have songs, crafts, stories, ceremonies, and many more ways to celebrate this important day.

3. Search Pinterest for Juliette Low birthday ideas.

4. Make a SWAP of Juliette’s Pearls to remind girls of the personal sacrifices she made to ensure Girl Scouts continued to grow.

5. Follow her lead and Do a good turn for your community.

Check out our national website or the Girl Scout Way badges in your age level’s Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting for more history and traditions.  What are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!Brownie Girl Scout Way Badge