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Why We Do What We Do

As 2014 comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to remember why Girl Scouts exists and why we (volunteers, parents, community partners, and staff) do what we do. We do it:

So girls like Sam can grow from a shy Daisy glued to her mother’s side to a confident Senior prepared to join an adventure at Space Academy with Girl Scout Destinations where she knows not a soul and is excited to meet new people and follow her dreams.

Sam at GS Destinations

To open up the possibilities for girls like Heidi (photo from Robots, Robots, Robots-Lima event), so they can see how their creative LEGO building skills can become a lifelong passion with a STEM career.


And to be humbled when girls like Camille change the world one community at a time using the courage, confidence, and character they gained from Girl Scouts as they pursue our Highest Awards, are named a 2014 Young Woman of Distinction by GSUSA and grow into women who make us proud to be a part of the Girl Scout movement. Curious about her Gold project? Click here!

Camille at Convention

Girls of Western Ohio, YOU AMAZE US and we cannot wait to help lead you through another year of discovery, wonder, and growth!