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Outdoor Explorers for 2015!

Do you enjoy activities like outdoor cooking, tent camping, horseback riding, or archery? How about all of the above? You’re not alone and soon you’ll be able to earn a badge for them too! The votes have been tallied and our girls and adults have chosen Outdoor Explorer as the newest selection for outdoor badges. Thank you to those who encouraged girls to vote for making sure their voices were heard and ensuring that Girls Know Best and #girlschoose were more than just excellent marketing slogans. Curious about the other options and how votes were tallied? Check out the process here.

Girls Know Best-Outdoor badge voting

Each badge will have five steps and three choices per step and although it’s a long process to write badges, we know that GSUSA is up to the task and will make sure that they are girl approved! So keep your eyes on March 12 when final badge activities will be announced on the  Girl Scouts of the USA facebook, the Girl Scout Blog or here at our blog. Then in fall 2015 the new badges will be available and girls can start exploring the outdoors and earning these new badges. We hope you’ll agree when we say, we just can’t wait to find out our new badge activities!