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10 Reasons to Buy Girl Scout Cookies

1. You think the business world needs more women entrepreneurs. Girl Scouts, and the 5 Essential Skills learned during the cookie sale, is building tomorrow’s business leaders. 52 percent of today’s female business owners were Girl Scouts. Pretty amazing, huh?

2. You need a reason to celebrate. Cookies only come once a year and THAT TIME IS NOW! We recommend buying multiples of your favorite kinds and stashing them in your best Christmas present hiding spot so your spouse and children don’t eat them all in a day. Use the Cookie Locator App to find cookies near you.

3. You want girls to be inspired to dream big and work hard to achieve goals. During the sale girls set goals for their cookie business. Every time a girl achieves her goal, she’s inspired to reach higher and dream bigger for her next goal whether it’s being her troop’s top seller or winning a national contest for Inventing a Prosthetic Hand.

4. If you buy too many you can use them to make earrings. Maybe you’ll set a trend and get to bask in all of the compliments from other savvy fashionistas.

5. Nine year-olds need to learn how to budget too! In a recent study the Girl Scout Research Institute found that 90% of girls and their parents said it was important for girls to learn how to manage money. Through the Girl Scout cookie program and management of their troop finances, girls are learning how to budget and be good stewards of their resources.

6. They’re a great reason to indulge your inner hoarder. Buy a freezer, fill it with your favorites. That way when everyone else is going through cookie withdrawal, you can revel in your cookie stockpile.

7. You love women leaders, no matter the genre.  Sandra Day O’Connor and Condoleezza Rice. Taylor Swift and Katie Couric. Sally Ride and Jackie Joyner-Kersee.  Every woman astronaut that’s ever flown in space. Of the women serving in Congress, 58% were Girl Scouts. These are our alumnae. All told, Girl Scouts claims 59 million of today’s women as our own.

8. They’re perfect for sharing. Thin mints and trefoils even come in handy individual serving sizes: a sleeve for you, a sleeve for me.

 9. If you buy something for a good cause, the calories don’t count. Okay that’s not true, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was? For those who have food allergies, are counting calories, or are not cookie eaters you can still support the girl’s cookie business by purchasing cookies for Operation Cookies.  Girls donate these cookies to local organizations or Hero’s in Action who send cookies to the men and women serving in the military. Send a Thin Mint to a soldier overseas. You’ll make their day without adding a single pound to your waistline.

10. You believe in girls! Girls are the leaders of tomorrow and they will make a difference in our world. When you buy a box of cookies, you are helping girls all over the world learn new skills & gain confidence in themselves.