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You Might Be a Girl Scout Leader If:

You’ve turned in your finance report, early birded your troop for fall, and finally eaten that last box of thin mints in your freezer. Before the troop year starts all over again, take a minute to remember some of the experiences this year that happened because you said yes to being a leader. Those things that only another Girl Scout volunteer would understand. Here’s a few of our favorites that set our leaders apart to get you started.

You might be a Girl Scout leader if:

You’ve legally slept on the floor of public buildings.

And have the back pain to prove it.

You know more than 2 ways to light a fire.

Not quite you? Bring your girls to Intro to Outdoor Skills and starting building those skills with your troop. 

You have more experience fundraising than most professional fundraisers.

And know where to look in Volunteer Essentials (in Volunteer Resources) for our policies and procedures.

“Make New Friends” and “The Brownie Smile Song” run in a permanent loop in your head.

Need more songs to drown them out? Download the Songbook from Girl Scouts Rock the Mall.

You can tell the difference between a happy scream and a spider scream from three tents over.

And have a designated kaper chart chore with the title “official spider wrangler”.

You know what a tax ID number is, and how to use it to get discounts.

As a non-profit organization, we’re tax exempt-use form in the Forms and Documents section and get those discounts.

You have developed negotiation skills that put a U.N. ambassador to shame.

And for those rough middle school years we recommend the aMAZE: The Twists and Turns of Getting Along Journey.

You have a duffel bag sized first aid kit stashed in your car, “just in case.”

And emergency rations (snacks) stuffed in your purse next to a printout of Safety Activity Checkpoints from previous activities (also found in our Forms and Documents under Frequently Accessed Forms).

You correct people when they refer to fun patches as “badges.”

As our founder said “a badge is a symbol that you have done the thing it stands for often enough, thoroughly enough, and well enough to BE PREPARED to give service in it. You wear the badge to let people know that you are prepared and willing to be called on because you are a Girl Scout.” What fun patch does all that?

You’ve endured years of paperwork, sore muscles, and muddy adventures.

Because you know that with Girl Scouts you’re changing the world-one confident girl at a time. You go, girl!

Now take that well deserved summer break. Catch up on your reading, play outside, and let fall find you fully refreshed and ready for the next troop adventure!

Want to see what kind of Girl Scout Leader you are? Take this fun quiz and find out: http://bzfd.it/1yXgp8q.