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The Power of Yet (To Get Her There)!

Yet is a powerful word for young girls (and for adults). Adding a simple yet or a not yet to a sentence can change everything for a struggling girl. Don’t see how? Think of a time when you were trying to master a new skill. Like that difficult kickflip on your skateboard or plunking out “Heart and Soul” on the piano. Was there a moment when you failed (again) and the frustrated words “I just can’t do it” popped out of your mouth? Of course there was, everyone has those moments. Now what if someone nearby had added a “yet” or a “not yet” to that sentence? Let’s say it again: I just can’t do it yet. Can you feel the difference? That tiny yet makes a “never going to happen” into a “this is possible”. That is the power of yet. Not quite convinced? Check out Carol Dweck and let the research speak for itself.

Thinking of overcoming challenges with a yet mindset makes failure a part of the journey, just one more stop on the road leading to success. It means girls process the errors they made, correct them through practice or strategy, and continue working toward the goal. The power of yet is an awesome tool for fostering growth mindset- a topic we discussed in The key to success: GRIT! that helps girls be successful. When girls struggle with a new task, when they strive for big goals, when they feel too small to make a difference, helping them embrace the yet gives them the confidence to accept where they are now because that is not all they will ever be. And it’s not just for girls. What goals are you striving for? What legacy will you leave? You’re not there yet, but with hard work (and a growth mindset) we believe you’ll get there and help your girls reach their dreams too!