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August 2015

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6 Reasons to Love the Volunteer Toolkit

Girls have more fun when they can shape their own experience, do hands-on activities, and work together as teams. Girl Scout volunteers have more fun when they have easy access to resources that help them spend less time planning and coordinating and more time with their girls. They can try new things, make friends, and explore the world of opportunities available to Girl Scouts! Our Volunteer Toolkit, which GSUSA launched last spring, is one of those critical resources. It allows girls and  ...

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The Girl Scout Way: Take Action Weekend

Girl Scouts have been offering a helping hand to those in need and working together to improve their corner of the world for over 100 years. Our legacy of service goes all the way back to our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, who had a clear vision of what she wanted Girl Scouting to be and made sure that service to others was embedded in our mission. To honor the spirit of service that Juliette placed at the heart of our organization, we’re inviting troops across Western Ohio to join  ...

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More Than a Walk- 7 Hiking Activities for Girl Scouts

Exploring the outdoors on a hike with young girls is an amazing experience. The sound of wind in the trees, the smell of dirt beneath boots, a chipmunk scurrying for cover as six girls give chase-these are the moments that build lifelong memories. But sometimes on a long trail nature needs a little help to keep the “are we there yet?” or “I’m bored” comments at bay. To make hikes an even more fun and engaging experience, so much more than just a walk, here are  ...

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7 Ways to Take Your S’mores to the Next Level on #NationalSmoresDay

Happy National S’mores Day! Today is a VERY important national holiday (who doesn’t love S’mores), but also a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. Everyone knows about the classic, toasted deliciousness we call the S’more. But, did you know the first-known recorded version of a “S’mores” recipe can be found in an official Girl Scouts publication from 1927? The recipe is credited to Loretta Scott Crew, who reportedly made them by the campfire for Girl Scouts. At Girl Scouts, we take  ...

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