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5 Signs You Were a Girl Scout!

Growing up in Girl Scouts, we discovered a world full of fun experiences, made a whole bunch of new friends, built our confidence, and made our world a little better along the way. And those are just a few of the benefits! Our alumnae say Girl Scouting was positive and rewarding for them and they rate their Girl Scout experiences very highly.

While no list could show the entire collection of activities and experiences we had earning badges, selling cookies, going on exciting trips, outdoor exploring, making a difference in our community, and more for your Labor Day fun we’ve made a list of 5 signs you were a Girl Scout. Is your favorite on this list?

You were giving three-fingered salutes as part of your Girl Scout Sign way before Katniss made it cool!

And you can still recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Those words were branded into your brain at every meeting and will likely still be there 20 years from now when you’ve forgotten your 2nd grade teacher’s name.

You were making deals and honing your people skills while running your own business before most kids even got their first jobs.

Those Five Skills the Girl Scout cookie program talks about? Yeah, you’ve got them, and you’re not afraid to show them off!

You upcycled before upcycling was cool.

After making a bag out of an old t-shirt and a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle at camp you feel compelled to find a use for useless things. Throwing things away shows a serious lack of creativity!

You have at least one lifelong hobby that you discovered because of Girl Scouts.

After all, you put a lot of effort into those badges. Why wouldn’t you keep learning and improving your skills?

You know with a little help from friends you can solve any problem.

Remember that time your troop had to set up tents and cook dinner over the fire in the middle of a rainstorm? You figured that out and you’ll figure out whatever else the world throws at you. Bring on the challenges world, you’ve got this!

With Girl Scouts, you did more than you ever thought you could, dreamed bigger dreams than you ever imagined. And — oh, yeah — changed our world. Bet your 10 year old self didn’t realize paddling a canoe or selling Thin Mints would help her do all that, did she? 

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