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8 Favorite Campfire Recipes from Campers Who Know!

It’s almost fall-time to stop and smell the campfire! Summer’s heat and humidity will soon give way to cooler temperatures and autumn’s colors. This is the perfect time of year to introduce girls to another Girl Scout tradition: cooking outdoors. So grab (or borrow) a dutch oven, some roasting forks, and test out a few of our tried and true campfire delights on your next outdoor cooking adventure! Here are a few of our favorite recipes to get you started.

  1. S’moresalways a Girl Scout favorite. There’s a reason these tasty treats have their own national day-they’re delicious! But if you’re looking for some variety, try swapping out the chocolate for a Reese’s cup or sandwiching your marshmallow between trefoil cookies. You could even grab some foil and a banana and try Banana Boat S’mores. The fruit makes it almost healthy, right?

    Banana Boat S’mores

  2. Chicken Hobo-wrapped in foil with potatoes and carrots and cooked to perfection this is one of the simplest and tastiest main dishes. We love to change the portion size to individual so each girl can choose her vegetables and make it her own. Plus the minimal clean-up makes this a keeper!
  3. Campfire Cones-another tasty dessert that’s easy enough even your Daisies will be able to assemble them with some adult supervision. These prove ice cream cones have so many more uses than just to hold ice cream.
  4. Dutch Oven Pizzawho says pizza must come in a cardboard box? You can make this kid-friendly favorite over the fire using charcoal or wood with this easy recipe.
  5. Walking Tacos-this recipe gives you a taco in a bag. A favorite for those who believe plates at campfires are unnecessary supplies.
  6. Brown Bears-for simple and sugary it’s hard to beat these doughy sweets. Roast them till they’re golden brown and you’ve got a tasty dessert.

    Brown Bears

  7. Dutch Oven Coca Cola Chicken-heat up some coals and pull out the dutch oven for this crowd pleasing main dish. Guaranteed to make any soda loving camper’s day!
  8. Camper’s Breakfast Hash-make tired campers roll out of their sleeping bags and wander out for breakfast, this skillet recipe is a great way to start the day outdoors.

Can you think of more outdoor cooking favorites? Need help building your outdoor cooking skills? Learn more from our outdoor staff-come to Camping 101 this fall or save the dates for Campfire Cooking and Campin’ Fever in the spring (look in our Program Event Guide-spring event registration on Ebiz opens in November). The great outdoors are calling, grab your roasting forks and answer the call!