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Winter is Coming. Make it an Adventurous One!

Fall may be here, but the snowy days and freezing temperatures of winter are just around the corner!

Not a fan of winter’s weather? Hate being stuck indoors with your troop? Try a few of our favorite winter activities with your girls. We’ll help you overcome those wintertime blues and turn the season of snow into a season of adventure.

Grab some cocoa, your favorite sweater, and curl up in a warm cabin as you scroll through our list to find your next amazing troop adventure!

Try out some winter sports like skiing, tubing or sledding!

Join us for Mad River Mountain Girl Scout Family Day in Zanesfield, OH on February 6th, 2016. With skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing there’s fun for every skill level!

Or try Perfect North Slopes Girl Scout Ski Night in Lawrenceburg, IN on January 30, 2016 and get a discounted group rate at this awesome event. They even give free ski lessons to all participants so you’ll spend less time in snowbanks and more time on the slopes!

Make something with the snow!

Pile on the layers, winter coats, and gloves and head out into the cold to explore the winter world. There are so  many fun activities to do with snow and ice like building snow animals, exploring the art of ice carving, blowing ice bubbles, and playing pin the smile on the snowman-the only limit is your imagination!

Make Your Own Snow Sport Badge!

Have the girls always wanted to try out snowboarding? Master the art of ice skating? Do it!

As you begin, have the girls ask: What do we need to know? For example, we need to learn about types of skating, equipment and clothing, and safety.

Make a five-step plan and put the learning into action. Building a new skill takes time so encourage the girls to keep practicing until they know the skill very well and can proudly wear their new snow sport badge!

Take a Hike!

Contact your local parks department to see if they have guided winter hikes coming up, or test out a favorite trail without a guide if you’re ready!

Need some help? Join our staff for our Winter Hiking Experience as we brave the elements at Camp Libbey in Defiance, OH. You’ll discover new animal habitats, learn to spot the difference between seasons, and do cool activities along the way as you explore our trails on this chilly yet fun hike January 23, 2016. Registration opens for Juniors and Cadettes November 14, 2015.

Camp in the Winter!

Okay, this one is for experienced campers only!. If you’ve already conquered camping in the spring, summer, and fall and need to round out your seasons, then Freez’n Outdoor Survival Day is for you!

Our staff will help you learn to love the cold. Explore winter trip planning, layering, and how to stay warm and set up camp in the cold at this workshop January 23, 2016 at Camp Whip Poor Will in Morrow, OH.

If we’ve got snow, we’ll also construct snow shelters and try cross country skiing so you’ll be prepared to plan a winter camping trip! Registration opens for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors November 14, 2015.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your girls and start planning your next winter adventure now! We can’t promise the cold will never bother you anyway, but we can promise you’ll have fun in spite of the temperature.