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AWESOME Doesn’t Happen By Accident. Nominate an Awesome Volunteer Today!

In our busy and hectic world, time is a precious gift. And it’s a gift that you, our awesome volunteers, give in abundance to support girls… because you believe in them! In the spark that each giggle, each project, and even each chore ignites as they grow and become our future.

Girls are doing great things because of the time and effort our volunteers pour into them. And that’s awesome!

We know you don’t do it for praise or awards, but each of you deserves to be recognized for your amazing contributions to our organization. The awesomeness that is Girl Scouts does not happen by accident.

So we encourage you to think about an awesome volunteer you know. Someone who really goes above and beyond, who is the calm in the energy storm at an event, who met you for coffee when you were confused or stressed and helped you understand a new resource or role, or who organizes the annual service unit camp-out every year. The everyday rock stars of Girl Scouts need recognized and WE WANT YOU to help us do that!

How can you help us? We’ve got three tried and true methods:

Say Thank You!

Do it often and make it meaningful!

Called informal appreciation, this is the day-to-day way to say “thank you” to volunteers. It’s a great way to include both girls and caregivers in recognizing the work of Girl Scout leaders and volunteers.

Make it simple, like a thank-you note, or elaborate, like creating awards for your service unit.

Get creative! Give rolls of Life Saver candy to your troop’s first aider, or a roll of duct tape to the troop’s supply organizer who “keeps us all together.”

These simple things are powerful and effective ways to let volunteers know we value their time and efforts.

Nominate Them for a Formal Award

There are council and national Girl Scout awards for volunteers that are presented in various ways at service unit, circle, and council-wide events. Nominations are due to your regional service center by February 1, 2016.

Not sure which award to nominate someone for? Check out our Volunteer Appreciation Guide that includes all of the information and forms that you need to nominate a volunteer for a formal appreciation award. You can even submit your nomination online!

Hold Appreciation Events

Service units and circles can hold special events that recognize the hard work of the volunteers throughout the year.

Make it small (volunteers only) or make it large (girls, families, community members), but don’t forget to make it your own! Check our guide for best practices to assist you in planning a successful volunteer appreciation event, including information on budgeting, themes and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning how you’re going to thank your favorite volunteer for helping girls shine bright and being the role model girls need. You’re all amazing, it’s time to recognize your efforts and shine the light on your awesomeness.