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The Things Girl Scouts Say About Girl Scouts

As Girl Scout volunteers, alumnae, and staff we often get asked, and even ask ourselves, why Girl Scouts? What can girls get here they’re not getting somewhere else? While there are many awesome answers to that question (and some great studies by the Girl Scout Research Institute) the best answers come from the girls themselves. Here are a few comments from girls at recent Program Events and Highest Awards evaluations that illustrate why girls love and need Girl Scouts:

“Mud, mud, mud. How I love how squishy and sticky it is on my shoes. Thanks for taking us on the hike, my mom never lets me get dirty!” 6th grader at Program Aide Training

”Even though it was gross, I like learning how every girl goes through the same thing!” 4th grader at Growing Up Female

“What makes me feel best about this event? That all girls aren’t prissy!” 9th grader at Sow What? Journey Retreat

“I have never been hiking before.” 3rd grader at Hiker

“I can see the change I made in my community, and I feel proud of what I accomplished.” 12th grade Gold Award Recipient

“I feel inspired to become an engineer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 5th grader at Design it, Build It

Helping others makes me happy!” 5th grade Bronze Award Recipient

I want to do this again. I had so much fun and I met new friends.” 8th grader at Resident Camp

“I feel beautiful and I want all my friends to feel beautiful too.” 4th grader at Free Being Me

I love Girl Scouts because I’m able to do awesome things!” 5th grade Bronze Award Recipient

“My favorite part was that we got to choose how we changed the recipe and work together. And you let us do it all ourselves.” 5th grader at Junior Chef

“This has been the best day ever!” 2nd grader at Letterboxer

I conquered the pamper pole, aka the scariest thing I’ve ever done! The pamper pole is this 32ft pole you climb up, stand on top of, and then jump off. You don’t fall straight to ground when you jump, you are lowered down by the people belaying you, but still you have to jump off the thing! Once I got to the top it was really hard to stand up, there were several times I wanted to give up, but I didn’t and I made it there.” Sam at Space Camp with Girl Scout Destinations

“My Gold Award project has helped me to develop practical skills that I use every day, and the experience has shaped me into who I am today.” Hadiya, GSUSA National Young Woman of Distinction

Want your girls to conquer their fears, get a little muddy, and take charge? Of course you do, and that’s why you (and nearly 50 million women in the US) believe in Girl Scouts!