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Venture Out-An Outdoor Resource

The great outdoors: a place of adventure, wonder, and immense potential for Girl Scout fun!

Girls have been exploring the outdoors with us for over a hundred years and thanks to the More Than S’mores research from the Girl Scout Research Institute, we know that Girl Scouts benefit immensely from their time outdoors.

But what if you’re not an outdoors woman? Or you just want to do some advance trouble shooting before taking a group of girls on an outdoor adventure?

We’ve got you covered with our resource called Venture Out! made possible by the Elliott Wildlife Values Project.

What is Venture Out? It’s a new online adventure, created by volunteers and council / GSUSA staff, that lets Girl Scout volunteers learn and explore different ways to get girls outside.

They’ll encounter the kind of challenges (and successes) that only the outdoors can bring: bad weather, encounters with wildlife, distracted girls, new discoveries and life-changing events.

Along the way, they’ll find tips for getting girls outdoors, plus real-life stories and advice from other volunteers. It’s interactive, filled with possibility, and learner-led – just like Girl Scouts!

Want more hands-on training and experiences before venturing out with your girls? Or just want an experienced outdoors person to help on your first outdoor adventure with girls? Try out some of our outdoor events (they’re dark orange on our calendar) and learn from some pros. You’ll test out your cooking skills at Campfire Cooking, learn the skills you need to explore the wilds at Backpacking Basics, or spend the weekend at camp with our qualified staff during Council-Operated Troop Camp.

Feeling ready to head out on your own but still want some extra skill building before you go? Attend an upcoming Troop Camp Training where you’ll plan, implement, and evaluate a camping trip with girls and understand the safety standards and guidelines for camping and related outdoor activities. Our staff and volunteers will help you develop skills to be used and taught to girls that will get you ready for a positive, fun and safe outdoor experience. Options include Overnight Course, Two Part Course, Troop Camp Training, or Campin Fever.

Check out Activities to see what spring dates are scheduled.

Sound like a good time? Then what are you waiting for? Get your girls outside and let the adventure begin!