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The Five People You’ll Meet in Girl Scouts

As a Girl Scout leader you introduce girls to new experiences that show them they’re capable of more than they ever imagined. You are their champion, guide, and mentor, as you help them develop skills and confidence that will last their entire lifetime. Your time in Girl Scouts is filled with smiles, excitement, and so many memories made as you help our girls grow strong.

Just like our girls, each of our volunteers brings something special to our organization and we wouldn’t trade any of you! Even with all of our differences, our members share some common roles that don’t make it onto any position description but do add to the amazing crazy quilt of personalities that is Girl Scouts. In celebration of that, here are the five women you’ll meet in every Girl Scouts. Any sound familiar?

1. The Outdoor Adventurer: the original outdoor explorer! If it can be hiked, climbed, or floated in a body of water they’ve done it and can’t wait to show young girls how to build their outdoor skills. Their passion for nature comes through in all they do and they’re dedicated to inspiring the next generation of outdoor women in Girl Scouts.Girl with magnifying glass outdoors

2. The Girl Led Champion: they believes in girls! They think of themselves as more of a guide than a leader of a troop because they’re dedicated to helping girls discover their strengths, passions, and talents by letting them take the lead. Like our founder Juliette Low, when asked what the girls SHOULD do, their response is always “What do the girls WANT to do?”!


3. The Tradition Keeper: they’ve never met a Girl Scout tradition they didn’t love and they make sure that girls know and honor the legacy of our organization. They’re always excited to share the amazing traditions and history that has made Girl Scouts what it is today and is an awesome resource for younger members and new volunteers!memday (1)

4. The Explorer: They’re all about exploring new places and new experiences and never turn down an opportunity for adventure. They know their troop trip procedures by heart because their troop is always either on or planning their next trip. Their goal is for girls to leave Girl Scouts with bags full of inspiring, life-changing experiences and memories!Girl-Volunteer with plane

5. The Difference Maker: they’re all about making a difference in the world with Girl Scouts! Their troop never passes up an opportunity to serve others, be it a neighborhood clean-up day, weeding a community garden, or taking the lead on a Take Action project for a Journey or Highest Award in Girl Scouting. They knows that they’re making the world a better place, one day (and one girl) at a time.


Do you agree with our list? See yourself in any of these roles? No matter where you fit in our organization or what role you play, we celebrate your commitment to girls and to Girl Scouts. Thanks to your amazing selves, Girl Scouts can truly say we’re changing the world one girl at at time!Not sure what type of leader you are? Take our fun quiz to find out what type of Girl Scout leader you are!