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Gold Girls Take Over the State Building!

A bunch of teenage girls, a few CEOs, and senators all walk into a building…no, it’s not the beginning of a joke it’s the Girl Scouts’ bi-annual legislative breakfast! On Wednesday, February 17, 2016 the CEOs of three Girl Scout councils in Ohio and some of the 2015 and 2016 Gold Award recipients from Ohio hosted a legislative breakfast at the Statehouse in Columbus.  Our girls got to have breakfast with members of our state’s legislature, share a display about their own Gold Award project, and show our lawmakers some of the awesome things that Girl Scouts do in our great state. They even convinced a senator to sing the Brownie Smile song. Pretty cool, right?


Madison Jaros, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio CEO Roni Luckenbill, Michaella Huber

We spoke with a few of our attendees about the event and they were excited to share their wisdom and memories with us. 

What was your favorite part of this event?

“This event was a really great way for me to see the huge impact Girl Scouts have across Ohio, meeting all the other recipients was exhilarating! Hearing all the positive comments from the legislators was very empowering, the excitement with which the representatives responded to our projects made me feel like I was making a noticeable difference.” Alexandra Bialecki, 2016 Gold Award Recipient

“My favorite part of the event was meeting a man with the last name of Craig, who congratulated me on my accomplishment, complimented me and thanked me for my many years of service. You would have thought that I was a war hero coming home from the way this man spoke to me. His words made me feel appreciated and that what I was able to achieve really mattered.” Madison Jaros, 2016 Gold Award recipient

How has receiving your Gold Award impacted you?

“The Gold Award project has been very much an awakening for me, it showed me how powerful girl leaders really are. It was also an experience that helped me discover one of the true joys of connecting and helping other people.  I think the gold award has made me a better and more aware person.” Alexandra Bialecki, 2016 Gold Award Recipient

“After having received my Gold Award I have noticed that I have grown more comfortable talking in front of a large group of people. Also, I have improved my ability to work well with others in a group, and communicate my ideas to others.” Madison Jaros, 2016 Gold Award recipient

What did you take away from this experience?

“I think the biggest thing I really learned was you can do anything you set your mind to.  I really wanted to share my passion for yoga with others and that task sometimes seemed very daunting.  Many times things would go wrong or there would be unplanned cancelations but the project forced me to have confidence in my own problem solving skills.” Alexandra Bialecki, 2016 Gold Award Recipient

“What I took away from from this experience is that my project and the other Gold Award recipients’ projects have not gone unnoticed. What we achieved matters and have made an impact on our communities and inspired others to do the same.” Madison Jaros, 2016 Gold Award recipient

What advice would you give to younger Girl Scouts?

“The most important thing is to stick with it and trust your troop, the people around you are your biggest asset.  If you just continue on the Girl Scouting path, you will learn so many important lessons and skills with the most supportive people you can ever find. Good luck in future scouting endeavors!” Alexandra Bialecki, 2016 Gold Award Recipient

“The advice I have for the younger Girl Scouts is to DO their Gold Award. It is not easy, it is a lot of hard work, but it is well worth it. One should not let an opportunity like this pass by, doing this project will open so many doors and leave one with skills that will last a lifetime.” Madison Jaros, 2016 Gold Award recipient

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