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Time For Early Bird!

The troop year is flying by and summer will be here before you know it! As you start to think about warmer weather, cook outs, and summer fun don’t forget it’s time for Early Bird registration at Girl Scouts.

What do we mean by Early Bird? Early Bird is a registration incentive open to our members from April 18, 2016-June 15, 2016 that encourages them to sign up for the next troop year.

Why sign up for Early Bird? For the awesome benefits of course! Benefits like:

 Get $25 for Five! Your troop will get $5 off the adult registration for up to five adult volunteers. The adult registration fee of $15 will be paid up-front and troops will be reimbursed directly into the troop account after Early Bird. You don’t have to do anything!

Patches. Girls who are registered during Early Bird receive the Early Bird Patch, and if they add a friend, they’ll also get the Add-a-Friend Patch! And who doesn’t love extra patches?

Cookie Incentive. Troops who register at least five girls and two approved adult leaders by June 15 and participate in the Fall Product Sale will receive an additional 5¢ per box of cookies sold in 2017.

iPad Mini Raffle! That’s right! We’re giving away an iPad Mini, but only for those troops who register at least two adults and five girls by April 30, so sign up right away!

Better access to fall program event registration. Early bird girls can start registering for fall program events on June 1, 2016. We’ve got some great new events planned and this is an excellent way to make sure your girls are part of the fun. 

No chasing down registrations next fall. We all know how busy fall gets with school starting, fall sports, and getting back into the swing of things. Why not make it easier on yourself and have your Girl Scout troop all ready to go? 

Toolkit Access July 1. The toolkit is an online resource that helps with meeting planning, badge requirements, and organizing the troop year. Troops will have access to the new calendar and can start planning July 1.

How do you register for Early Bird? Visit for the Step-By-Step Guide. Now that you know the benefits to Early Bird registration what are you waiting for? Renew your troop’s registration and get your girls excited for next year!