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Are You Ready For Camp?

You’ve weighed your options, checked out the benefits, and made the wise choice of Girl Scout camp this summer. Now you’re counting the days till your little dear heads off to one of our amazing sleep away camps. So what should you do between signing her up and dropping her off at camp? Here are the basics to getting ready for camp!

Paperwork and Forms

Download the Confirmation Packet on our website (at the bottom of the Camp tab). This awesome resource can walk you through what forms you’ll need, what to pack, check-in procedures, and other commonly asked questions. Don’t forget to review it so you’re in the know!

Get your Camp Health History and Examination Form prepared: you’ll need a doctor’s signature with a physical completed by physician in the last 12 months, documented allergies, general information filled out, consent and permission to treat signed, insurance information complete, and a complete record of immunizations documented.

Packing For Camp:

Let your daughter help pack her stuff. We get more lost and found items when a child does not know what was packed for them.  Not sure what to pack? Check the confirmation packet for a list of what to bring and what not to bring (like electronic devices)!

Label her stuff. Label her clothing, her water bottle, her bag. Basically if she’ll set it down and you’ll be sad if it gets lost, put her name on it.

Extra Stuff:

Head off homesickness before camp starts. Talk with your camper about being homesick and make a plan, using these 9 Tips to Prevent Homesickness to help prepare your Girl Scout prior to camp.

Keep it positive and reassuring. Discuss camp with your child, go over the daily schedule in her confirmation packet, and giver her confidence a boost by letting her know you believe she can do this.

Feeling ready for your camp? We sure hope so. Not signed up yet? Think your favorite girl needs to start with a day experience instead? We’ve got you covered. Choose from one of our day camps run by volunteers or one of our council day camps. We’ve also got more space at resident camp so there’s plenty of options to find the summer camp that fits her needs. Let’s get your favorite girl to camp this summer!