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7 Lessons of Troop Beverly Hills

When a staff member said “you know, there’s a lot of awesome lessons for our troops in the movie Troop Beverly Hills,” we were pretty skeptical. Seriously, how often is a fun and kinda fluffy movie from 1989 still relevant decades later to the organization it parodied?

After watching it, we’ve got to say there’s a lot of awesome lessons for volunteers (and our troops) in that movie. Here’s a few we loved:

1. You’re never too old to try something new-even if it’s out of your comfort zone!

As the film synopsis points out Phyllis, the new troop leader, is going through a divorce and decides to find focus in her life by taking over her daughter’s troop. Is she super outdoorsy with wilderness skills galore? Nope. Is she willing to take an active interest in the girls in her troop? Yes. And that’s what matters most!

2. Following your girls always leads to awesome things!

No two troops will have exactly the same experience in Girl Scouts. Why? Because Girl Scouts is girl-led. And when you let the girls lead, you end up doing amazing things that are as fun and unique as the members of your troop. No matter what choices the girls make for badges or activities, if they’re discovering new things, connecting with others, and making the world a better place you’re fulfilling the purpose of our organization.

3. You don’t have to be an expert to be an amazing Girl Scout volunteer!

Just as each girl has different skills and talents, so do the adults who volunteer to support them. So if you’re not the best fire builder of your troop or your pinterest crafts never turn out right, don’t despair. You’ve got the most important thing-heart! And for those difficult badges or activities, check out our community partners and program events.You do you and we’ll help you find contacts to help with the rest!

4. If you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to ask!

Remember even the most experienced volunteer was a newbie at some point and had lots of questions. So ask questions, get tips from veteran volunteers, post a query on our GSWO Volunteer Support Facebook. We promise your fellow volunteers (and our staff) will be more helpful than Phyllis’ nemesis Velda.

5. You can make anything more fun by adding music and choreography- especially cookie booths.

Songs and skits have been part of Girl Scouts since the beginning for a reason-they’re fun, build a sense of community, and let the girls use their creative skills. Check out these 5 Camp Songs every Girl Scout should know and add some harmonious chants and silly moves to your next troop outing! 

6. Everyone, both girls and adults, struggles sometimes.

Underneath the couture clothing and Beverly Hills flash the troop members in the movie are each dealing with their own issues like divorce, financial problems, being overlooked (have some tissues nearby for the scene where Chica’s parents forget her birthday), and even feeling like they don’t belong. Life isn’t perfect and that’s why girls (and adults) need a supportive group like Girl Scouts as they learn to face the challenges and struggles in their own lives.

7. And finally everything (matching uniforms, group chants, and wilderness skills) is better with friends.

When girls work together they can do amazing things. That cooperative environment and the relationships formed in it is the reason Girl Scouts is still going strong after 100 years. Girl Scouts: powered by girls, for girls!

Did you learn a little from Phyllis and her Wilderness Girls? We sure did! For our final piece of advice from this awesome movie, we leave you with Phyllis’ take on the Girl Scout motto: be prepared.

Now what are you waiting for? Renew your membership and let’s make this year the best Girl Scout year yet!