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June 2016

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6 Reasons to SKIP Girl Scout Camp

There are so many reasons kids (and adults) choose Girl Scout camp and we’ve covered those reasons several times. So to be entirely fair, we’re giving you six reasons to stay inside in July and skip camp this year. 1. You’re addicted to your electronics and have no plans to ever unplug. What wonders and benefits can the outdoors possibly offer that compare to social media updates, Google searches, and video games? 2. You hate trying new things or pretty much anything that  ...

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Girl Scout Traditions: Preparing Your Girls To Camp

June is Great Outdoors Month and here at Girl Scouts we want girls to grow, explore, and have fun in the outdoors. A great way to do that is the iconic Girl Scout tradition, the troop camp out. Sounds fun, right? Anyone nervous? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who gets anxious thinking of setting out with a group of girls for a camping trip! No matter your level of experience, in your troop you’ll have girls (and adults) who are camping experts and others who  ...

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6 Ways to Inspire Your Girls to Love the Planet

Here at Girl Scouts, unlike Kermit the Frog, we believe it’s easy being green! Caring about the outdoors was passed down by our nature loving founder Juliette Gordon Low and her legacy of being responsible stewards of our world still resonates with our alumnae and members today. You might even say being green is part of our DNA! So how do we inspire a lasting love and respect for the planet we all call home in our current generation of girls? Here are a few of our favorite ways! 1. Go  ...

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Fathers and Daughters: Six Tips for Including Fathers

Fathers, we salute you and the pivotal role you play in the lives of your daughters! A father’s relationship with his daughter has tremendous effects on her mental health, her adult relationships, and even how she deals with stress. Need more information on how important this relationship is to girls? Check out this article from Medical Daily with links to current research on the topic. As an organization that focuses on girls we’re 100% committed to helping build positive  ...

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