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6 Ways to Inspire Your Girls to Love the Planet

Here at Girl Scouts, unlike Kermit the Frog, we believe it’s easy being green!

Caring about the outdoors was passed down by our nature loving founder Juliette Gordon Low and her legacy of being responsible stewards of our world still resonates with our alumnae and members today. You might even say being green is part of our DNA!

So how do we inspire a lasting love and respect for the planet we all call home in our current generation of girls? Here are a few of our favorite ways!

1. Go on a It’s Your Planet-Love It! Journey. This fun series is packed with activities that guide girls as they learn about environmental issues such as clean water and air, noise pollution, global change, soil contamination, and agriculture. It ends with a Take Action project that encourages girls to make a difference in their community for the planet. What a great way to explore with girls the “use resources wisely” part of the Girl Scout Law!

2. Become Girl Scout Rangers at a National Park. In this fun program with the National Park Service girls are invited to explore the outdoors and learn about the history of the national parks as they participate in organized educational activities or volunteer service projects for a minimum of 10 hours at one or more national parks. Check out the requirements and start your adventure with our national parks today!

3. Earn a naturalist legacy badge. Each age-level from Brownie through Ambassador can explore a different part of the natural world, from bugs to sky, with these fun and nature themed badges. Find out more about the naturalist badge for your age-level on our badge explorer.

4. Complete your Community Service Bar with your Girl Scout. Cadettes and up can earn this award (part of the National Leadership Awards) by making a difference in their community and practicing the values of the Girl Scout Law. Girls should get involved with a cause they care about by choosing an organization to volunteer with and complete at least 20 hours of service with that organization.What a great way to help the planet!

5. Test your girls’ mettle with our outdoor badges or activities. With so many wonderful outdoor experiences and badges to choose, from hiking to canoeing, you’re sure to find something that will inspire a lifelong love of the outdoors in your girls.

6. Let your girls take the lead on an environment focused Take Action project. They could petition to build monarch butterfly way stations at their school or lead a community water conservation awareness campaign. It’s all up to them as they explore the community, identify an issue, and put together a plan that has long term benefits and sustainable community support. Each Journey series ends in a Take Action project and Highest Awards in Girl Scouts also follow those requirements.

Are you ready to inspire the next generation to love the planet? We hope so and with these six ideas and some girl power we know that our girls will grow up in a greener world as they use their resources wisely!