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6 Reasons to SKIP Girl Scout Camp

There are so many reasons kids (and adults) choose Girl Scout camp and we’ve covered those reasons several times. So to be entirely fair, we’re giving you six reasons to stay inside in July and skip camp this year.

1. You’re addicted to your electronics and have no plans to ever unplug. What wonders and benefits can the outdoors possibly offer that compare to social media updates, Google searches, and video games?

2. You hate trying new things or pretty much anything that involves actually doing something. So you can keep your adventure challenge courses, water games, and skill-building activities. You say challenging yourself is important? Still not interested.

3. You consider singing camp songs to be right up there with nails on a chalkboard and don’t even get you started on those crazy camp dance moves. Even if girls have been laughing their way through all camp sing-a-longs for 100 years, it’s still not for you.

4. You’re deeply suspicious of arts and crafts projects that involve tie-dye, things collected on a hike, or recycled materials. There has to be some kind of sinister purpose there. What kind of creative and environmentally concerned person enjoys making projects and finding ways to repurpose materials?

5. Just the thought of going outside makes you anxious. You haven’t seen the sun in days, can your eyes even take that much light? You don’t care about the mental health benefits from spending time outdoors, it’s just not for you.

6. You dislike fun and also those other people who are so concerned with having it. Making new friends, testing your limits, all while having a blast at camp just isn’t your thing. No matter what positive things people say about camp, it’s just not for you.

So what do you think of our list? If these six reasons haven’t convinced you to stay indoors this summer, come outside with us! We’ve still got space at our summer camps.