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You Might Be a Girl Scout If…

Ask a Girl Scout what she loved about her years as a member and you’re likely to get a variety of stories and experiences with some common themes like friendship, fun, and life skills binding us all together. What can we say? When you’re a girl-led organization, the experience is going to be as unique as the girls themselves.

And yet for all of the differences we’ve found a few things that if your answer is yes, it’s pretty likely you might be a Girl Scout. What do you think, do they sound like you?

1. You can’t remember your siblings’ birthdays but you know Juliette Gordon Low‘s by heart! Of course the fact that our founder was born on Halloween helps just a little. Why can’t everyone be born on holidays?

2. You save dryer lint and used candles to make fire starters. What else are you supposed to do with them? Throw them out? That’s wasteful.

3. You have more years of experience with marketing and sales techniques than some professionals in those fields. After all, you’ve been perfecting your selling strategies since elementary school. Those Thin Mints are good, but they don’t just sell themselves.

4. You are overly prepared for things. Why would they give you so much space in your purse/trunk/backpack if they didn’t want you to fill it?

5. You know all the words to “Alice the Camel” and “Make New Friends” but cannot remember your high school fight song. Maybe fight songs should have catchier tunes that are easy to sing around a campfire? Nah, you’d probably still prefer “Alice the Camel”. It’s a classic.

6. You find yourself judging other people’s fire building technique. Did they just dump those sticks in a pile and light them? I mean at least organize them into an A-frame or a log cabin. Maybe a teepee. And is that lighter fluid I see? Amateurs.

7. When you have to leave the group, you find yourself looking around for your buddy. It’s just good sense to travel in pairs at camp, on a hike, or really wherever you’re going.
Someone asks for a volunteer and your hand is immediately in the air. You didn’t even consciously raise it. It just happens!

8. The words to “God Bless My Underwear” wander through your mind every time you sing “God Bless America”. Camp songs…there’s no escaping them!

9. You can think of over 20 possible uses for a bandana. And feel underdressed and unprepared if you’re on a hike without one.

10. You know you have the skills and determination to change the world. You’ve been doing it since you were a wee little girl in your Girl Scout uniform.

11. You correct people who say they used to be a Girl Scout because you know once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout!

No matter if you joined as a child, volunteered as an adult, or have a lifetime membership with Girl Scouts, we’re all part of a global sisterhood with a long history of building girls of courage, confidence and character who are making the world a better place. And that’s quite a legacy, isn’t it?