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Are You Ready for an Extended Troop Trip?

Troop trips can be an awesome way to build skills, confidence, and memories that last a lifetime. If this is your first trip, check out our 7 Steps to Planning a Troop Trip and don’t forget to review the Trip and Overnight Planning Manual. If this isn’t your first trip, or even your third, maybe it’s time to start planning a bigger adventure. If your troop has conquered day trips, tackled overnights, has a weekend trip or two under their belt then it’s likely your girls are finally ready and also old enough (check page 55 of Volunteer Essentials for age level trip progression) to take on that ultimate Girl Scout experience: the extended troop trip.

What qualifies as an extended troop trip? If you plan to spend five or more nights away from home, that’s considered an extended troop trip. These trips can range from a week at camp to extended travel in the continental United States. International trips have their own trip category and require an extended approval timeline. Check out our chart below for the trip approval form timeline.

Troop Trips Pic

What’s the best way to start planning a trip? The first step is always ask the girls. Do they want to plan extra fundraisers and save their cookie and fall sale proceeds over multiple years for a big trip or set a goal for this troop year and take a trip over the summer with what they earn? Do they want an outdoor adventure, a city exploration, or a combination of both? Basically let the girls know the trip destination, length, and cost are going to largely depend on what they are able and willing to put into it. Let them dream big and make decisions about their troop funds and you’ll be amazed at the results. You have taught them well and it’s time to see what smart decisions and compromises your girls will make with their money as you let them plan the activities and search out deals!

Are there any already planned trips or itineraries? If you’re unsure about planning a trip, we’ve got some great recommendations for organizations and resources that’ll help take care of some of the planning for you.

  • NEW GSWO Trips: we have two trips sponsored by Girl Scouts of Western Ohio and in partnership with EF Tours that we’ll rotate between a domestic and international destination.
    1. Domestic trip: join us in Savannah in summer 2017. This trip will be open for troops to travel together (both girls and leaders).  The recommended grade level for this is Junior and up.  This trip has officially been set up and people can register for it!  Visit for information and registration.
    2. International trip: explore London to Lucerne in summer 2018!  This trip will be open to girls in grades 6-12.  Girls can choose to participate individually or with other girls that they know.  This trip has officially been set up and people can register for it!  Visit for information and registration.
  • Girl Scout Getaways: from Girl Scouts of the USA, these short travel programs are designed specifically for Girl Scout troops. With a variety of trip types, locations, and themes there’s sure to be something your troop will enjoy. Follow the link for more information on these awesome trips.
  • Girl Scout Destinations: also from Girl Scouts of the USA, these trips are the ultimate adventure for individual girls ages 11 and older! With different trips every year, there’s something amazing for everyone to experience. Follow the link for application deadlines, destination locations, and more information on these fun trips.
  • International Events: if your troop wants to go global, check out this great resource from GSUSA for international events for troops hosted by global scouting organizations, as well as information about how to visit our WAGGGS world centers.
  • EF Tours: set up a trip of your own with EF tours. For over 50 years they’ve helped Girl Scouts discover the world. They have service learning trips, world centers destinations, and many more destinations and resources for international troop trips.

Now that you’ve seen some of the awesome resources and organizations for planning an extended troop trip, we hope you’re excited to guide your girls in planning your next big troop adventure. However and wherever you go your girls will make awesome memories, explore the world, and build the confidence to reach their goals. And that’s what it’s all about!