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Girl Scout National Convention 2017: A Girl’s Perspective

Calling all Ohio Girl Scouts, national convention is coming to Columbus in 2017. And, as usual with Girl Scouts, we’ve got our girls helping plan this momentous occasion! Who are these girls? They’re 21 girls from 13 different states who make up the convention girl planning committee. Seven of them hail from the great state of Ohio (and two from our own council). These girls have been diligently brainstorming and giving ideas on exhibits for the Hall of Experience, topics for girl-centered sessions, and even locations for the convention overnight. We interviewed Leah and Janaki from our council and we’re so excited to share with you their experience as they help make convention 2017 a girl-led event!

Convention 2017

What are you most excited about for the upcoming 2017 convention?

“I am most excited for the new people I will meet at convention! I’ve just recently met all the girls from the planning team, and I can’t wait to meet more amazing girls!” Leah

“I am most excited to meet people from all over the nation and the world. Thrilled to find out the more specified list of speakers and activities for all ages. I really find it neat that convention can provide for so many and in such a wide range.” Janaki

What is going to be different this year than in past years?

“I haven’t personally been to convention before, so I’m not quite sure how the last conventions have been, but I do know that we are expecting more girls to show up for this one, and that the planning team is made up of girls from all around the country, instead of primarily in the host state.” Leah

“This year the planning team will obviously be different. We have been working hard to start gathering ideas that will come to life at convention. The place will be different. Columbus is a wonderful city with lots of activity every day and I’m sure us Girl Scouts will bring a spark to the whole area.” Janaki

What activities/opportunities will be offered for girls that attend?

“We’re still finalizing the activities and I’m on the marketing team, so I’m not positive on exactly what events we’re having, but there will be opportunities for girls to hear speakers, meet new people, do things around Columbus, and a lot of other cool things that will be a lot of fun for girls of all ages!” Leah

“There will be different speakers and panels depending on the girls’ ages and interests. We are trying hard to accommodate for very broad topics that can cover much material for all to learn something. There will definitely be time to talk with other troops and of course make new friends!” Janaki

What kind of Girl Scout traditions will we see while we’re there?

“You will be able to exchange SWAPs and share fun campfire stories to name a few!” Leah

“Lots of singing and games. Much laughter and enjoyment during it all. There will be an opening and closing ceremony (per say) as at most events. More engaged activities for those ages it applied to. Lots of mingling with others to learn about different states and areas of the globe.” Janaki

How many people are you expecting to attend?

“We’re expecting 10,000 girls, but we have capacity to hold more!” Leah

“Roughly 10,000.” Janaki

And there you have it, a small taste of what’s happening at national convention and the girl planning that goes into making this event girl-led, girl-centered, and girl-approved. Are you excited yet? We hopes so. Mark your calendars for October 4-8, 2017 and join us at National Convention 2017!