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Girls’ Choice Badges: Art in the Outdoors!

Last spring girls from across the country voted on a variety of badge topics, but the lure of combining creativity with the great outdoors could not be denied! Thanks to girl choice, our newest badge topic is Art in the Outdoors! Badges and requirements are available now in our shops, or troop leaders can check out the requirements in the resource section of the Volunteer Toolkit (under My GS tab)!

What types of awesome things will girls get to do when earning these badges? We’re so glad you asked! Here’s a quick description of the badges girls can now earn for their age level! For each badge girls will get to find art ideas outdoors, create something with or inspired by nature, and explore the outdoors through a creative lens. Sounds awesome, right?

Brownie Outdoor Art Creator: As an artist you can walk outside and see colors, shapes, and ideas for things you want to create. Find out how you can make your own art outdoors and have fun doing it! You can earn this badge on your own or at our Outdoor Art Creator event, April 27, 2016 at Woodhaven Program Center in Lima. Check out the event description in our Program Event Guide (pg. 67) and get your spot reserved when registration opens in November!

Junior Outdoor Art Explorer: From murals on buildings to oil paintings of landscapes, art and the outdoors go hand in hand. Let nature be your inspiration as you explore, create, and design different kinds of art.

Cadette Outdoor Art Apprentice: Being outside in nature is a great way to spark your creativity. Some of our greatest works of art are inspired by nature—from early on, cave people drew pictures of sunsets, the sky, animals, and trees. Get ready to observe and collect things outdoors that will drive your art and creativity—from colors and patterns to landscapes and wildlife.

Senior Outdoor Art Expert: Get ready to become an outdoor artist as you connect with nature and create something helpful to the environment. You’ll learn how to see nature with an artist’s eye and find ways to express yourself—from photography and painting to music, jewelry design, and architecture. Go outside to find art; it doesn’t just exist within the four walls of a museum.

Ambassador Outdoor Art Master: Whether you’re new to Girl Scouts or have been in it forever, you’ve probably spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors and a lot of time making art. This is your chance to bring art and the outdoors together—to get inspired by the beauty in nature and use that inspiration to get creative. Roll up your sleeves and dive in!

So there you have it, some awesome new badges that will help girls explore their creativity and the world around them as they make art in the outdoors!

What amazing creations and discoveries will your girls make with our new Art in the Outdoors badges?

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