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Now Seeking Delegates for the Girl Scout National Convention 2017!

The 2017 Girl Scout National Convention is happening October 4-8, 2017, in Columbus, Ohio and we need National Council Delegates to represent Girl Scouts of Western Ohio!

Need a bit more information before applying? Check out our commonly asked questions below, check your calendar for October 4-8, 2017, and apply to be one of our delegates!

What exactly is National Convention?

Every three years, Girl Scouts from all over the country gather together at the National Council Session and Convention to reinvigorate our Movement, celebrate our accomplishments, and chart our future.

The 2017 National Council Session / 54th Convention in Columbus, Ohio, promises to honor our cherished traditions and, at the same time, propel the Movement forward for girls and young women.

In addition to conducting the business of the Movement, GSUSA will be launching G.I.R.L. 2017, the inaugural, externally focused conversation on issues affecting girls, engaging girls and adults in substantive dialogue. All participants will have the opportunity to also immerse themselves in exciting educational opportunities; some that are girl only, some adult/girl mixed groups and others adult only focused on how to support girls.

Who can be a delegate and how are they chosen?

Delegates must be a registered member of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, and at at least 14 years of age. They must complete the appropriate application (girl or adult) by October 31.

Delegates and alternates are selected by our Board Development Committee from the applications received.

Is it expensive to be a delegate or are travel expenses included?

In order to be inclusive, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio pays delegate expenses. However, individuals selected may choose to pay all or a portion of the cost to attend.

How many delegates are there?

Every Girl Scout council is entitled to send a specified number of delegates, but we won’t know our council’s exact number of allotted delegates until later this year.

What do delegates do?

Our delegates serve as voting members of the National Council, which is responsible for giving broad policy direction to the future of the Girl Scout Movement in the United States.

Members of the National Council elect the National Board of Directors and the National Nominating Committee for the upcoming triennium, act on proposals directed toward the fostering and improvement of Girl Scouting, and receive a report from the National Board of Directors on its stewardship of the Movement in the past three years.

Delegates are expected to actively participate at the meeting in floor debates, and discuss and vote on proposals dealing with governance issues that further and ensure the mission of Girl Scouts. For a more detailed position description of the duties and responsibilities of a National Council Delegate, check out the position description.

Is National Convention only for delegates or can any member attend?

All members of Girl Scouts, both girl and adult, are welcome to attend National Convention as visitors! There will be fun activities and workshops for visitors of all ages and you can hear a bit more about those from the Girl Planning Committee members from Western Ohio.

More information will be provided at a later date for those individuals interested in attending the National Council Session/Convention as a visitor.

So what are you waiting for? Apply to be a delegate, mark your calendars for October 4-8, and join us at National Convention in Columbus in 2017!

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