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New Volunteer Toolkit Updates!

Girl Scouts of the USA are at it again! Ever since they unveiled their new digital resource last year, the Volunteer Toolkit, they’ve been updating content and increasing its features to help make this an awesome resource for our busy volunteers.

And on September 8, 2016 they did it again, adding more features to this essential resource.  Here are a few of the new features we’re excited about:

New Multi-Level Custom Year Plan!

You asked and they created it!

Multi-level leaders will now be able to login and view their unique Multi-Level Custom Year Plan, powered by the new meeting plan filter.

New Meeting Plan Library!

New filters for this resource will give Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and Multi-Level leaders the ability to search across Meeting Plans for all available grade levels!

Streamlined Meeting Planning Content.

What’s that mean? It means when you add a meeting (or replace a meeting already in your Year Plan) you can choose between options that are organized by categories AND have access to multi-age level badges and Journeys.

Usability Enhancements! 

There’s a new Custom Year Plan interface for all users, and a new Printing Module that allows troop leaders to print their updated meeting agendas!

Leaders will also now have the ability to launch a meeting dates calendar off of meeting plan view on the Year Plan. They’ll be able to fully delete a meeting off the Year Plan, and also to combine multiple meeting plans on one date.

It’s a brave new digital world out there, leaders!

New Meeting Notes!

Toss the post it notes! Now you can add a digital note to an individual Meeting Plan and save it so both you and your co-leader can see it whenever.

So now that you know some of the new features for troop leaders, if you haven’t taken our newest digital resource for a test drive, check it out at the My GS tab on our website! You’re sure to find something to love.

And we promise to keep you in the loop as GSUSA continues to add features and increase usability for this new resource!

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