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Share the Load For A Successful Cookie Sale!

It’s almost cookie time, volunteers! And for some of our troop leaders, the sale can seem overwhelming. As the deadline approaches, remember: you don’t have to do this alone! The cookie sale works best as a partnership between girls, caregivers, volunteers, and staff.

Here are some of our tips for sharing the load this cookie sale!

Recruit A Troop Cookie Manager

As the troop leader, you are already responsible for so many things for your girls. And while it’s tempting to want to manage all aspects of the troop at all times, this is how awesome volunteers burn out! So find a person connected with your troop who is organized, communicates well, is good with money, and meets the eligibility requirements (registered and background checked) and recruit them as your  Troop’s Cookie Manager (sometimes called the Cookie Mom or Cookie Dad)!

Troop Cookie Managers are responsible for all cookies and funds for the troop, abide by council deadlines, issue receipts when money or cookies change hands, and handle cookie sale paperwork, council payment, and troop proceeds.

Need more information on the role of the Troop Cookie Manager and how to recruit one? We include a great overview of their responsibilities and duties on our Cookie Basics for Troop Leaders webinar, starting around 18:37.

Attend a Cookie Rally

Girls build important skills like goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics through the Cookie Program. While there are Cookie Business badges and a Cookie Activity Pin for every age level that focus on these skills (and we hope your troop does them!), many service units also host a Cookie Rally event where girls get inspired to reach for their goals as they practice the 5 skills. What better way to get your girls prepared for the sale than at a fun event with other Girl Scouts? Added bonus, you didn’t have to plan it and every girl that attends a rally gets a free Cookie Palooza fun patch!

Not sure if your service unit is hosting a rally? Check with your Service Unit Chair or Community Engagement staff member for more information.

Get Caregivers Involved

Caregivers can do several things to help you with the sale. Don’t forget about this helpful group of people when planning your sale! They can:

Help Unload and Sort

Those cookies are heavy so when it’s time for delivery, it’s wonderful to have some trusty and reliable people to help you unload it all and sort those cookies into orders. Caregivers and other troop members are perfect for this. Just remember that the Troop Manager needs to be the one double-checking the cookies with the caregivers and signing the receipt as each one picks up their order.

Chaperone Cookie Booths

If your girls are planning booth sales, caregivers in your troop who are registered and have completed the background check in our system are welcome to be chaperones at cookie booths.

Plus, once they’ve completed their registration and background check they’re also eligible to transport girls on troop trips, so they can come on whatever awesome trip your troop plans for their cookie proceeds! And who doesn’t want to go on an adventure with their daughter?

Bling the Booth

Decorating your booth is one of the 4 steps to complete the Cookie Troop 100. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the first known sale of cookies by Girl Scouts. Don’t miss out on celebrating this milestone! You can find more information on this here.

Talk to Your Cookie Coordinator

Sometimes an overlooked resource by new troops, the cookie coordinator is a volunteer in your service unit who oversees the logistics of the sale, conducts the training for your service unit, and is a great resource for how the sale works in your area. They’ve done this before and may be able to help you problem solve some of the common questions.

If you’ve got 3 cases of Do-Si-Dos left near the end of the sale, they may know a troop who has several booths still to go who could use some of those cases!

Girl Scout Staff

We’ve designed some awesome resources to help you with the Cookie Program! We’ve got online trainings, a calendar of important dates, handouts, the 2017 Cookie Book,  the Cookie Family Guide, and more available 24/7 at under Council Cookie Resources.

Got a question and cannot find the answer in your Cookie Book? Our Customer Care line is here to help! Call 1-888-350-5090, post in the GSWO Volunteer Support Facebook Group, or email us at and our staff will help you get the answers you need!

What do you think of our tips? Do they lighten your load a bit? The Cookie Program is an amazing part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and we hope these tips help you and your troop have a successful Cookie Program!

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