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Ready for More Girls’ Choice Badges?

Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books so popular years ago? We sure do! Who didn’t love being the master of their own fate as they chose the actions that changed their adventures within those hilarious and occasionally disastrous stories?

Like those long ago books, Girl Scouts wants our girls to be in charge of making their own choices, having amazing experiences, and grand adventures. And how are we making sure our girls are leading the way? One way is the Girls’ Choice badges!

What are Girls’ Choice badges?

The Girls’ Choice badges are brand new badges for Girl Scouts to earn. They’re determined by online polls that give girls the opportunity to vote on which new badges they want to earn and how they want those badges to look. Pretty cool, right?!

Last year girls chose Art in the Outdoors, and the year before, girls chose Outdoor Explorer as their new badge topics.

Girls can vote to choose the newest badge topic through January 22nd here.

The options?

  • Water Around Us
  • Troop Camping
  • The Secret Life of Plants
  • Outdoor Cooking

Sounds fun, right?

Is your girl ready to choose her next badge adventure? Make sure that her voice is heard. Will Outdoors or Stem win? The choice is hers. Time to vote, girls!

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