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Are You Ready for Camp, Space Cadettes?

Summer camp registration is almost here (resident camp, day camp, and special event registration opens January 25—that’s in two days!), and while outdoor adventures and awesome experiences are the norm for our camps in western Ohio, this year we’ve got a special option for Girl Scout Cadettes: a mission to Mars!

Project Phoenix: Journey to Mars!

In partnership with the Challenger Learning Center of Lake Erie West, the Space Cadettes session at Camp Libbey’s resident camp (July 17-23) will explore new horizons with Project Phoenix: Journey to Mars!

Girls will become astronauts through a simulated space mission! The year is 2076 and a new routine voyage to mars as brought the latest human crew into Martian orbit. Girls will hop aboard the Spacecraft Serenity to relieve a research team that is stationed at the Chryse Weather Station. Both the relief crew and the Mars-based crew will be under tight deadlines to gather and analyze mission-critical data and communicate information to the crews aboard the Spacecraft Serenity and in Mars Control!

You can sign your future astronaut up for this camp on January 25th when our resident camp registration opens. Spaces are limited, so don’t delay!

More Space Themed Opportunities

Not ready for resident camp but still want your girl to enjoy some excellent space themed adventures? Schedule a workshop for your troop with our community partners at the Challenger Learning Center in Toledo and the Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta. We’ve even got a few Activities planned with the Armstrong Air and Space Museum this spring that you can sign up for at

Women have always been an integral part of the space program (check out the Smithsonian’s The True Story of “Hidden Figures,” the Forgotten Women Who Helped Win the Space Race) and we’re proud to play a small part in inspiring the next generation of space pioneers here in western Ohio. Let’s make it to Mars, girls!

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