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What is the Goal Getter Phase?

The 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program is well underway in western Ohio! The Initial Order Phase ended last Friday, and we’ve moved into the Goal Getter Phase! But… what does that mean, exactly?

What is the Goal Getter Phase?

The Goal Getter Phase is the second of three phases in our council’s cookie sale. It’s an opportunity for girls to continue selling between Intial Order and Booth Sales so they can reach their goals and grow their cookie business!

This year, Goal Getter kicked off the morning of Saturday, February 4, will run until the end of the day on Thursday, March 2.

How do Girl Scouts take orders during Goal Getter?

It’s quite easy for girls to take orders during Goal Getter. There’s a new order card for them to use, which is set up just like the Initial Order card. If you never got your Goal Getter order card, contact your troop’s cookie manager and they’ll help you out!

How do Girl Scouts get the cookies for Goal Getter customers?

Now that Initial Orders have been placed and cookies are en route to Cookie Cupboards, how are girls supposed to get the cookies for their Goal Getter customers? It’s easy! Work with your troop cookie manager so they can pick them up from a Cookie Cupboard or take them out of the cases that had been ordered for booth sales.

Once you’ve got them in hand, have your girl deliver the boxes to her customers!

What are the rewards for Goal Getter?

What would Girl Scouts be without awesome rewards, right? We’ve got fun things set aside just for girls participating in Goal Getter!

Girls who take orders for 24 packages or more on their Goal Getter order card between February 4 and 16 will have the opportunity to win one of 25 subscriptions from either Hipsy Headbands or Sock Panda! That’s one entry per 24 package sold, so the more she sells, the more chances she has to win!

And don’t worry — packages sold through Digital Cookie also count toward rewards, as long as the order is placed by the end of the day on February 16!

Limited Availability: Girl Scout S’mores and Toffee Tastic Cookies

It’s important to note that Girl Scout S’mores and Toffee Tastic cookies will have limited to no supply in Cookie Cupboards. Because of this, please remember to get customer contact information so your girl can notify them if these specialty cookies are no longer available.

Feeling better about Goal Getter? We hope so! If you have any questions about the Goal Getter Phase (or the Cookie Program in general!), don’t hesitate to contact your Service Unit Cookie Coordinator, or call Customer Care at 888.350.5090!

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