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Are you ready to bridge? Time to level up with Girl Scouts!

Who doesn’t love being recognized when they move to a new level? Whether it’s graduating from school or leveling up in a video game, we love that moment when we move toward new adventures and exciting possibilities! In Girl Scouts when girls make the transition to the next age level we call it bridging, and we love to mark this achievement with reflection, ceremonies, and of course an award!

When do girls bridge?

Traditionally, girls bridge from one level of Girl Scouts to the next either at the end of the troop year or the fall of the next troop year. Remember that girls advance to the next age level in Girl Scouts automatically when they enter that grade at school, regardless of if they complete the requirements for bridging or not.

What do they have to do?

Bridging should be a fun celebration designed by the girls in partnership with adults that is memorable and personal for those involved. There is no one perfect way to bridge your troop, so make it as unique and fun as the girls themselves!

Remember to get the girls involved in the planning! Your troop can have a formal ceremony that includes guests such as family and friends of the troop, or keep it small with a troop-only ceremony. Need some help planning? Here are 5 Tips to Making Bridging Memorable to get you started!

How do they earn the award?

Each time girls bridge to a new age level, they are eligible to earn the bridging award. The awards all have the same basic requirements: Pass It On!, where girls pass down something they learned to younger Girl Scouts, and Look Ahead!, where girls look forward to what’s waiting for them at the next level. Sounds fun, right?

To find out the specific requirements your girls must complete for their age level, download Girl Scouts of the USA’s Bridging Award Requirements.

Join us for Bridge to the Future!

Calling all bridging Girl Scouts! Join hundreds of your sisters from across western Ohio on Saturday, July 22, 2017 and cross over the Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati to symbolize your advancement to the next Girl Scout grade level. We’ll have a short ceremony and then celebrate with your troop/family at Sawyer Point with games, crafts, food, and entertainment!

Girls and leaders will meet at the Purple People Bridge on the Newport side and walk over to Cincinnati as part of the bridging ceremony. As she steps off the bridge, each registered girl will receive a commemorative token. What a great keepsake!

Families can join the girls at the celebration which will be held at the Cincinnatus Sculpture Area after the ceremony.  The celebration will include activity booths sponsored by Girl Scouts of Western Ohio program partners, stage entertainment, a guest speaker, food trucks (families are responsible for paying for food) and, of course, complimentary cupcakes for everyone. Because who doesn’t love cupcakes? No one!

Spaces are filling up and pre-registration is required, so sign up at gswo.org/events before they’re gone!

Now that you know all about bridging, are you ready to help your troop plan an awesome and memorable bridging ceremony? It’s time to level up, Girl Scouts!

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