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So your camper isn’t quite ready for Resident Camp? Try Day Camp!

Oh how we love camp! It’s the perfect place for girls to challenge themselves, make new friends, and build their self-confidence. Seriously, what’s not to love?

But we know every girl isn’t ready to tackle resident camp the minute she joins Girl Scouts. And that’s okay! We’ve got some great options for beginner campers to build them up to extended camp experiences. It’s all part of what we in Girl Scouts call progression!

What’s progression?

Progression is giving girls increasingly challenging experiences that help them grow and build their skills as they become courageous, confident women.

We use this process with our badge categories (Cook goes from Brownie Snacks to Ambassador Dinner Party and Athlete from Brownie Fair Play to Ambassador Coaching, with more badges focused on skill building in between) and we even have an awesome outdoor progression chart to help girls have positive outdoor experiences as they increase their skills.

Progression: it’s the Girl Scout way!

So where do we start with camp?

The best place for your Girl Scout to start her camp experience is at one of our awesome Day Camps! She’ll enjoy outdoor adventures, develop new skills, explore nature, and create camp memories with friends at a camp during the day, and return home each evening.

Many of our camps even give girls a taste of what it’s like to stay overnight at camp during the optional overnight (generally one night)! Sounds awesome, right?

And it’s not just for inexperienced campers. Whether this is her first camp experience or she’s an expert camper, Day Camp will quickly become one of her favorite Girl Scout events.

How do we sign up?

You can sign your Girl Scout up for one of our council day camps at Camp Butterworth (Maineville, OH) and Camp Woodhaven (Lima, OH), or you can choose from one of our many Volunteer Day Camps across western Ohio.

Each of our volunteer day camps has a unique theme and  is run by dedicated, specially trained volunteers, who work diligently all year to create fun and exciting camp experiences that build confidence, enrich the Girl Scout experience, and introduce girls to their communities in new ways.

Don’t see how to register for a camp near you? Contact our customer care hotline at 888.350.5090 and we’ll connect you to our camp registrar or to the program and partnerships staff member who supports our volunteer day camps.

Deadlines are approaching (especially for volunteer day camps), so don’t delay. Check out all of your options and sign your camper up for an adventure!

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