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Girl Scouts is for Older Girls, Too

Let’s answer your burning question… Is my daughter too old for Girl Scouts? Absolutely not!

Any girl, from kindergarten all the way through high school, has a place here! At Girl Scouts, our programs grow with the girls.

If your daughter is questioning if she is too old for Girl Scouts, have her check out the program for her grade level. She may change her mind when she sees all the great options available to her at Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Level.

1. Become an outdoor explorer.

Girl Scouts and camp go together like peanut butter and jelly. We already knew that. But did you know that we’ve got even more amazing summer camp opportunities for Seniors and Ambassadors? It’s true!

In the summer of 2017, we’ve got six awesome adventures for girls to embark on during summer camp.

In Paddlers’ Paradise, girls will live out of a backpack as they spend three days and two nights canoeing down the river and cooking their own meals!

Two weeks later, during Road-trip: Kentucky, girls will explore all that Kentucky has to offer! They get to decide everything they’re going to do — from crawling through Mammoth Caves and sleeping in a Wigwam Motel, to seeing a moonbow over Cumberland Falls and visiting an art museum or zoo!

For the adrenaline-loving Risk-takers out there, Adventure Challenge might be the camp for her! They’ll head to an aerial adventure park to test their skills traversing over 25 different elements while 30 feet in the air! Plus, they’ll pitch their own tent and cook food over the fire.

Looking for a longer camping trip? During On the Loose, girls will go to New River Gorge in West Virginia for a 10-day ultimate camp experience! White water rafting, zip lines, high adventure courses — need we go on?

If your girl is big into hiking, sign her up for Through the Woods! She’ll travel up to Manistee National Forest in Michigan to spend three days and two nights on the trail, cooking her own meals and seeing beautiful, scenic views and waterfalls.

And finally, there’s River Runners. Girls will grab a paddle and hold on as they set out to conquer the rapids on the Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania! They’ll camp under the stars, prepare their own meals, and explore the rapids, all while learning to work together!

See? There are so many amazing outdoor adventures for high school Girl Scouts! (Jealous yet? I am!)

2. Find the best career for her.

There are so many amazing career opportunities for women today, and girls should not feel limited by their gender when trying to decide what career they want to pursue.

At Girl Scouts, we’re all about helping your girl find her calling! As she continues to progress through the skill-building badges, she’ll learn about meteorology, web design, photography, women’s health, novel writing, public policy, interior design, and more!

And that’s not all — with the Girl Scout Cookie Program, she can continue to grow her cookie business and learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

Plus, once she has an idea of what she wants to pursue, Girl Scouts offers several career-focused program events to help her continue the process! Keep an eye out for the 2017-18 Program Events Guide for next year’s events.

3. Travel the world.

Traveling is an amazing way for your girl to broaden her horizons and try new things. Well guess what — Girl Scouts can help make this happen!

As a Girl Scout Senior, the world is open. She’ll have the opportunity to travel to places like Costa Rica, Japan, and India! And as an Ambassador, she can join a group of girls at a World Center in Mexico, India, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom. The world only expands with Girl Scouts!

She can choose to travel with a new group of friends as she sets of on one of the epic Destinations available to her. Or maybe her troop has been saving up since they were Daisies to go on a backpacking trip through Europe! Whatever her destination, Girl Scouts can help her get there.

4. Change the world!

Your girl can not only travel the world, but change it! Girl Scouts gives her a voice and a platform to make changes.

As a Senior or Ambassador, your girl can earn the Girl Scout Gold Award. To earn her Gold Award, a girl must identify an issue that’s important to her, investigate it thoroughly, get help and create a plan, and take action to make a difference!

Once achieved, it shows colleges, employers, and your community that she’s out there taking action to change the world.

These awards and experiences will enhance your girl’s future in ways that can’t be predicted. People take notice to the dedication involved with Girl Scouts and when college and job applications are rolling in these accomplishments will separate her from the crowd!

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