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July 2017

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Bridging to the Future on the Purple People Bridge

When I was in first grade, I remember being so jealous of all of the girls in my class who were Daisies. They wore blue smocks, they earned awesome petals, and I wanted to be included so badly. So you better believe that I had my mom sign me up for Girl Scouts the following year. And so began my lifelong love of Girl Scouts. I participated as a girl member from second grade through eighth grade, as a Brownie, Junior, and Cadette. And throughout those seven years, I got to participate in an  ...

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Group Management: It Doesn’t Have to Be Like Herding Cats!

Managing youth behavior in a group setting is a daunting task, even for experienced educators, youth workers, and Girl Scout volunteers. There are so many different needs, wants, and attention spans all in one place—it’s like herding cats! How do you keep it all from devolving into chaos? To help you out, we’ve collected some of our best tips for managing your group of awesome (but frequently rambunctious) youth. Make a team agreement (and have everyone sign it)! This is also  ...

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Thinking outside the walls: STEM in the outdoors

The great outdoors is one of the most diverse and engaging skill-building settings—for both youth and adults! And it’s especially great for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Girls can be amateur entymologists as they search out bug habitats, use the scientific method as they try an outdoor experiment, and even apply the engineering design process as they build the perfect sand castle. It’s like one giant laboratory filled with a thousand experiments and potential  ...

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We’re Under Construction! Council Property Updates

It’s the summer of change! Or maybe just a season of construction dust? If you haven’t heard, several of our properties are undergoing some much needed (and much requested!) improvements over the summer and fall of 2017. There are so many reasons to be excited! Who doesn’t love better showers? Added outdoor activity areas? And while we don’t have space to list every improvement to all the properties that are going on, below are some our favorite additions to our  ...

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