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Girl Scouts and Netflix: Helping Girls Become STEM Superstars

Girl Scouts and Netflix have teamed up to empower young girls to be STEM superstars!

Inspired by the Netflix original series Project Mc2, Girl Scouts and Netflix are “showing girls how STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects are woven throughout their everyday lives” with their new guide, Helping Girls Become STEM Superstars. This free resource provides volunteers and parents with tools they need to inspire girls’ creativity and wonder as they bring STEM subjects alive.

What’s Project Mc2?

Project Project Mc2 is an original series on Netflix that focuses on the adventures of a group of super smart and science-skilled girls who are recruited to join a spy organization. This is a family friendly show with the tagline “smart is the new cool”. Pretty awesome, right?

How do I use the Helping Girls Become STEM Superstars guide?

The guide was created to show adults easy tips for making STEM matter for young girls. It provides conversation starters, troop activities, examples of STEM role models, and some tips on keeping girls’ interest in STEM alive, even through the middle school years when research shows so many girls’ interest in STEM subjects fades.

The best part?

You DON’T have to be a STEM expert yourself to use it! As the guide says, “You don’t need to know everything about science or have all the answers to help girls. Explore, learn and observe together. Your enthusiasm and encouragement will give girls the STEM spark they need.”

So what are you waiting for? Watch an episode of Project Mc2 on Netflix, check out our guide Helping Girls Become STEM Superstars, and help your Girl Scout envision her STEM future!

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