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Guest Editorial: Girl Scout Megan Kenner

It’s just another “get to know you game” where everyone takes turns going around the room. “Make sure you say your name and a fun fact about you!” As I stand in the room filled with unfamiliar and bored-looking faces, I think about what tidbit I could possibly tell everyone that would represent me as an entire person. I don’t have any pets to draw in the animal lovers. I could say that I sing in a choir, but then they may ask me to sing something, and I don’t want to come across as a diva. Well, I guess I’ll just use my go-to “fun fact.”

“Hi. My name is Megan, and I am still a Girl Scout.”

After stating this, I receive strange glances with a few small expressions of confusion. They are probably wondering why my defining characteristic is that I sell cookies outside of grocery stores for four weeks out of the year. However, I feel that describing myself as a Girl Scout is the best way to sum up my personality, values, passion, and talents.

I have been a Girl Scout since the first grade. I grew up reciting the Girl Scout Law, promising to be the best person I could be: honest, friendly, helpful, courageous, and respectful. I started out in a large troop within my school. We did everything one would expect young Brownie to Junior Girl Scouts would do: sold cookies, camped, went on fun outings, made scrapbooks.

Entering seventh grade, my troop became too small to have our own meetings, so we joined the Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Association, or CSA. CSA girls with or without a troop are able to attend monthly meetings led by girls, for girls. I quickly realized through this association of new, enthusiastic, and mature girls that Girl Scouts is much more than I had previously known.

CSA has given me the amazing opportunity to share my thoughts, work with others, and be a leader. I got involved with events for younger Girl Scouts by becoming a tour guide, instructor, and mentor that helped with programs and service projects. I took my first big step toward leadership my freshman year of high school, serving on the planning committee for the annual Leadership Conference, where I helped organize workshops, presenters, panels, meals, and more for a conference of over 200 girls.

Along with daily homework and weekly choir rehearsals throughout high school, I have been involved with CSA and Conference. This year I am honored to have been elected the president of CSA and the administrator of the Conference committee. I have learned with the help of mentors and my own experiences how to facilitate, communicate, manage conflict, and both set and achieve goals. Never would I have imagined that I would be able to do all of this before I even graduated high school.

Girl Scouts is more than having fun making crafts with friends. Girl Scouts offers opportunity and builds a lifetime of courage, confidence, leadership, innovative thinking, and so many other skills. Therefore, I do believe that describing myself as a Girl Scout is the best way to describe me.

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