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CSA Girl Scouts: Join Us at the 2018 Winter Leadership Conference!

Did you know that Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts across western Ohio gather together twice a year for two awesome weekends full of fun and friendship as they learn to take the lead? Well they do… and you’re invited!

Winter Leadership Conference

The Winter Leadership Conference is held annually over President’s Day weekend and planned by girls just like you! You’ll spend the weekend at a hotel with over 200 Girl Scouts, developing a range of leadership skills including problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, creativity, and critical thinking.

Girls choose from over 25 hands-on workshops, and enjoy swimming, dancing, an ice cream party, plenty of food, and new Girl Scout friends!

In 2018, girls will choose one session per group from the following options:

Workshop A

  • Self Defense: So you don’t see “stars” learn to be your own body guard.
  • Oceanography: Reach for the “star” fish. The ocean is just as unknown and unexplored as space. Dive into the passion of the ocean.
  • Pottery: Mold yourself into a ‘star.’ Create a piece of art to remind you that you are a star!
  • Makeup: Learn the proper way to apply makeup.
  • Astronomy: Recognize that space is not “the final frontier.”  The Cincinnati Observatory brings hands on exercise.
  • Geology: Experience the making of a universe. Geology is a STEM field that is often overlooked. Find out what it is all about.
  • Nail Art: Five star hand care will give you the opportunity to practice unique nail designs. You’ll learn how to care for your nails and hands (including how to massage them).

Workshop B

  • Knitting: A Stitch in Time is for beginners or experienced masters of the needle. You will create a piece you can wear to the party/dance.
  • Dance: Dance with the stars. You will leave this session with a routine you can teach to others.
  • Sign Language: Expand your language horizons. Learn today’s sign language as a form of unspoken language.
  • Painting: Paint the stars, space, planets, anything of your choice onto canvas.
  • Minute-To-Win-It Games: Minute to win it space edition. Play games and compete with your team.
  • Scrap Booking: Document your “star” experiences with scrap booking.
  • Poise, Posture & Presentation: What does it take to expose your “star” qualities? Learn how to be a shooting star.
  • Dessert Decorating: Cosmically sweet decorating-Learn how to use the tools and create a “hyper nova” design.

Workshop C

  • Henna Body Art: Explore different henna constellations or design your own. Be ready to share your celestial designs.
  • Sewing: Sewing is a “universal” skill. You will be able to design and take with you a futuristic star project.
  • Sports Conditioning: Star Athlete Practice conditioning workouts for your at home training.
  • Journaling: Everyone needs an autobiography. The facilitator for this workshop is a public figure “super star.” You will want to get autographs in your Journal.
  • Gardening-Come Down To Earth: Experience the finer skills to nurture plant life. There is always a hands-on activity.
  • Swimming: This workshop will focus on swimming stroke forms.
  • Theatre-Stage Combat-Sabers vs. Lasers:  Learn how to use “light sabers” for performance without injury. Masters of theatre teaching will facilitate this workshop.
  • Stress Relief: Outer Space vs. Inner Space: On a daily basis we must deal with stress. Appreciate your star quality by learning techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises that will help your days feel smoother.

The Details

  • When: Sat Feb 17, 4:00 PM – Mon Feb 19, 11:30 AM EST
  • Where: Crowne Plaza Blue Ash, OH
  • Cost: $140/girl (financial aid is available)

Sounds awesome, right? Then what are you waiting for? Register early, this event fills quickly!

Fall Leadership Conference: Keep’n It Real

At this conference (held annually in early November) you’ll spend the weekend at Camp Libbey (in lodges, not tents!) in Defiance, OH with over 100 Girl Scouts to meet new friends, try new things, and have one of the most memorable weekends of your Girl Scout experience! Choose from fun workshops led by experts. And, of course, what would camp be without games, songs, and night hikes? Come with your troop, with a friend, or by yourself. It is so much fun!

Here are some of our 2017 workshops from the 2017 conference. Next year we’ll have different but just as exciting options!

Workshop A

  • Picture Perfect: Certified commercial remote pilots will teach you about the latest in drone technology. Toledo Aerial Photography will harness the power of these drones with a live demo in this workshop. Be a part of this exciting technology industry.
  • Animation Studio: Professionals from Snapology will teach you skills that animators use to create movies and shows. Then you will apply those skills to develop your own Stop-Motion Animation movie! Work toward the Cadette Digital Movie Maker Badge.
  • Jewelry Making: Bonita Bead Boutique jewelers will help you create your one of a kind bracelet with colored weaved ropes and charms.   Learn what it is like to be an entrepreneur and own your own shop.
  • Bulls-eye: How good of a shot are you?  Try your hand at archery and let the goods times fly.
  • K-9 Action: Meet an active K-9 unit and see what a police dog and handler do on the job.

Workshop B

  • Zumba: Are you ready to dance yourself into shape?  Join us for an exhilarating, easy-to-follow fitness party.
  • Climbing Wall: Challenge yourself and have fun on camp’s 35 foot climbing wall.  Climbers are harnessed into a belay system as they climb.
  • Cupcake Wars: Who has what it takes to frost the competition? Discover a career in pastry as you learn cake decorating techniques and do your best to create the best cupcake creation you can.
  • Strange Science: Have fun with these hands-on, entertaining science experiments!  Use your creativity and expand your mind!
  • Quidditch: Any muggles out there ready to try this wizarding game?   The International Confederation of Wizards is allowing mugggles this chance to play at camp.  Seeker, Chaser, Beater and Keeper positions available.  Apply today.  Which team will score goals and capture the Golden Snitch?

Workshop C

  • Tool Time: Its time to get hands-on as you learn the basics of carpentry and woodworking all while building your own bird house!
  • Sign Language: Learn some hand and arm movements from American Sign Language.
  • Express Yourself: Think quick on your feet, improve your public speaking skills and have fun while watching and participating in Improvisation.  Actors from Children’s Theater Workshop will lead this group in creative fun!
  • Fencing: Are you amazed by the quick action of fencing?  A professional fencing instructor will help you explore terminology, equipment, and scoring.  Suit up and try some footwork and hand techniques – “En garde”!
  • Women in Careers: Learn about how women have broken down barriers and continue to change our workforce.  Explore the power of G.I.R.L.

Are you as excited as we are? Then block out the first weekend in November next year, register next summer when our fall event registration opens, and join us for our next Fall Leadership Conference!

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