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Beat The Winter Blues With Girl Scouts!

Winter’s snowy weather and plunging temperatures are right around the corner and for some, this is a time of year to retreat indoors, put your camping gear into deep storage, and delay all plans for outdoor fun until spring brings warmer temperatures. But don’t give into the winter blues! There are so many fun ways to expand your camping skills and love the outdoors this winter.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to beat the winter blues!

Build Your Outdoor Skills

You think practicing your camping and outdoor skills is only for warm weather months? Think again!

Winter is a great time for inexperienced campers to have an indoor camping overnight where girls can practice important skills like setting up and taking down tents, building an edible campfire, and tying different types of knots. Then have girls start planning a spring camping trip to get them excited about using their newly mastered skills in the great outdoors!

Older and more experienced campers can pile on the layers of winter coats, gloves, and hats and head out into the cold to explore the winter world. We’ve even got some outdoor skill building events coming up at our camp properties. With multiple events like Amazing Polar Race for Juniors, Cadettes, and Seniors at Camp Whip Poor Will, Basic Outdoor Skills for Brownies and Juniors at Camp Woodhaven, and Backpacking Basics for CSA Girl Scouts at Camp Libbey, there’s sure to be something for your girls to do this winter!

Try Out Winter Sports

Have the girls always wanted to try out snowshoeing? Master the art of downhill skiing? There’s so many different winter sports to explore, now’s the perfect time to try something new!

As you begin to research the steps needed to try out a new sport, have the girls explore “What do we need to know to do this well?”

For example, for ice skating, girls would need to learn about the different types of sports that include ice skating, differences in equipment and required clothing, the basic safety rules, as well as learning to ice skate.

Once your girls have a good idea of what they’ll need to know to master the sport, have them make a five-step plan and put their learning into action! Remind girls that building a new skill takes time, so encourage them to keep practicing until they know the sport well!

Create Something Wintry

Who doesn’t have wonderful childhood memories of building the perfect snow angel, fashioning an igloo in the backyard, or packing together a hilariously dressed snowman?

If you grew up in Florida, you get a pass on this question.

There are so  many fun activities to do with snow and ice! You can build snow animals, explore the art of ice carving, blow ice bubbles, and play Pin the Smile on the Snowman.

The only limit is your girls’ imagination, so plan a snow building contest with your troop this winter and see which of your girls is a master winter builder!

Plan Ahead For Summer Camp

Yes, we know… Summer camp doesn’t happen in the winter. But our council’s Resident and Day Camp registration opens on January 24, 2018, and Troop Adventure Camp opens on February 21, 2018! Make sure your Girl Scout doesn’t miss out on her preferred camp by reserving her space early!

Summer camp is a great way for girls to explore leadership, build skills, and develop a deep appreciation for nature. Whether your girl is interested in archery, swimming, watercrafts, hiking, or adventure trips, she’ll find something she can’t wait to do at Girl Scout Camp!

So what do you think of our winter activity ideas? Feeling inspired to layer on your cold weather gear and enjoy this wintry season? We hope so!

Happy adventuring, Girl Scouts!

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