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Coming Soon: 3 Awesome Updates to the Volunteer Toolkit!

We’re living in a digital age. It’s truly amazing how much information and resources you can access about a wide variety of topics with just a few quick swipes of your fingers. And we want Girl Scouts (and the resources you need to support your troop) to be easily accessible too!

That’s why Girl Scouts of the USA built the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), an awesome digital tool that helps you manage your troop. And to better serve you, several features in the VTK are getting updated in February 2018.

1. Expanded Resource Categories.

Click on your troop’s age level tab under Resources and you’ll find links to the Awards Log, Meeting Plans, Badge Charts and more just for your age level. Curious what another age level can do? Click on any age level tab and you’ll get to see their information too. The program level tab for each age level is now accessible to all, regardless of what level your troop is at now. Plus you’ll see categories like Troop Leadership, Safety, Tips and Travel, Cookie Program, Camp, and many more that contain links to important national resources to help you guide your troop.

2. Council resources available, too!

Each council will now be able to add forms, documents, and council trainings specific to their members to the VTK  Resource tab. So you’ll soon be able to access links to things you need like Volunteer Essentials, Troop Trip Training, the Troop Trip and Activity Notification Form, Troop Start Up Guides, and many more frequently requested documents right through the VTK!

3. New! Walk Me, a navigation and help tool, is live now!

This helpful tool contains three main new features to help you as you begin to use the different features on the VTK.

Smart Tips: When you’re exploring the VTK and you see a small button (an i with a green circle around it), click on it for more information about the button, feature, or process next to the i for some helpful tips about how to use that feature.

Video Tutorial Launcher: GSUSA has embedded some videos to help explain how to use some of its features. Click on them for helpful tips!

VTK Help Menu: this is a detailed walk through of different VTK actions. You can also use the Chat Log to find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

So are you ready to test out these new features? If you haven’t used the VTK before, check out this post with links and information about this resource. Already using it? Then in February head over to My GS and check out the updated Volunteer Toolkit, our favorite digital Girl Scout assistant!

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