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This is Why YOU Should Check Out Our Updated Resource Centers!

Ever needed a set of Girl Scout and WAGGGS flags for a special ceremony but not sure where to borrow them? Or wanted to try some campfire cooking in a dutch oven but not sure about spending troop funds (or your own) on cast iron cookware?

While your own set of flags or campfire cooking gear can be quite useful if you will use them frequently, there are some items that to truly use your resources wisely it’s better to borrow than to purchase with troop funds. That’s why we updated our resource centers across the council with common items that troops can borrow to enrich their Girl Scout experience!

So what can you borrow?

Here are some popular items we have available in our newly updated resource centers at our Girl Scout Service Centers.

  • Girl Scout Ways badge kits
  • Flags & stands (USA, Girl Scouts, WAGGGS)
  • Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting
  • Journeys
  • Historical uniforms
  • Pocketknife kits
  • Compasses
  • Parachutes
  • Dutch Ovens (with recipes)
  • Pie Irons (with recipes)
  • Knot Tie ropes (with examples and handout)
  • Candle holders for a ceremony
  • Lemme Sticks
  • and more!

Where can you borrow it from?

Volunteers can borrow items on the list for troop or service unit activities from each of our regional Girl Scout Service Centers in Toledo, Lima, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

How do I check things out?

To check out an item, complete the online checkout form for your area. You can also contact the Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 and our staff will assist you in requesting the items. The online form will ask for your contact information, the dates your items are requested, and the specific items requested.

Program resources may only be checked out for one week (unless confirmed by the program staff) and must be checked out by a Girl Scout volunteer for Girl Scout use. You will receive an email from Customer Care confirming that the resource is available and that it has been reserved for you.

Items will be reserved, labeled, and made available to you at the Customer Care desk near the lobby on the check-out date. Please return items to the Girl Scout Customer Care desk or in the bin provided for returns. If you have a kit or other non-book resource, complete the evaluation in the kit when returning the resource, to help us ensure that the kit is in good shape and ready for the next Girl Scout user.

Please return items on time, since it may be reserved by another volunteer following your use. If you do not return on time, a reminder email will be sent. Volunteers will be personally financially responsible for any resources not returned in 30 days.

If you don’t see a resource that would be valuable, please note this on the check-out form.  We evaluate the resources provided at least annually and want to provide the most valuable resources!

So are you ready to use your Resource Centers wisely? Stop in and check them out at our regional Girl Scouts centers! We’re having an open house this Saturday February 3, 2018 from 10 am to 2 pm (and the shops are open too!). Join us and see what we have that your troop can use to make their Girl Scout year a bit more awesome!

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